Area Code 226

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Area code: 226
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
14, Nov. 2018

Robo message 5th time in last 2 weeks...especially annoying when call comes at 5:00am. Surely phone companies can deal with this if they put their minds to it. I would gladly change to a carrier who could.

13, Nov. 2018

this number is offering me a job and later on he sent me a check worth $2400. i dint cash it or deposit it...

Manuel Barillas
1, Nov. 2018

They offer me a credit from BNP Paribas, ask me about name, address and ID documents

30, Oct. 2018

Do you blame them, for what Canada and the USA have done to countries. Why aren't we mad at our GOVERNMENTS for treating us the same way.

18, Oct. 2018

Sent me a text saying I need to return 29 items to the local library. Definitely a scam because I don't use the library. I didn't respond, neither should you.

16, Oct. 2018

then a silence, then a hang-up.

9, Oct. 2018

I purportedly did business with them in 2006.

7, Oct. 2018

Informed the we are on the no call list.

7, Oct. 2018

This is a scam originating from Africa. They claim you own money to Revenue Canada and offer to settle. Tell them that you are going to file complain with Ontario Police and suggest it is time go and have sex with themselves.

4, Oct. 2018

Calling me

3, Oct. 2018

I hung up with him because I could not understand him.

3, Oct. 2018

he argued that it was a simple question.

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