Area Code 225

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Area code: 225
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
9, Dec. 2018

They just called my phone, let it ring one time and hung up. I have now blocked the number.

6, Dec. 2018

This company keeps contacting me from a Ohio area code. They irritate the crap out of me. It's always one of those automated calls. I want to cut off service to the phone. I haven't the slightest idea why they are telephoning.

5, Dec. 2018

selling something. no idea what, though

4, Dec. 2018

However much we tell my cousin that the mobile phone is not for amusement she never trust us. From the day my niece received the phone she has not had any other work other than pressing all the keys of the celllar phone and giving calls every day. My niece is having second thoughts now about using the mobile phone as she says she is not very pleased to get calls from individuals who cannot talk because the jerk does not speak loud enough. These young people simply do not understand that anything and everything cannot be taken lightly. When we lodged a complaint aobut the phone calls the lawyer mentioned that most females complain about similar nuisance calls and it has become one of the most common complaints received by the telephone providers.

4, Dec. 2018

My mobile phone rings every Monday. It's always a robocall. The phone number is different every time. They never ever leave even a message. Can someone help me to sue them?

4, Dec. 2018

# called me and was unhappy. I attempted to phone back this evening but nobody picked up. I do not know if I'll try another time.

4, Dec. 2018

This idiotic place seems to use several numbers. These jerks have called at least six times. I can't stand this. It does not make a difference that my phone number is on the do not call registry.

4, Dec. 2018

I keep on receiving calls from this "#" at 2:00 am on a daily basis and now I tend to ignore the cell calls. At the time the mobile phone rings my daughter who is only 2 months old wakes up alarmed. We have tried to reduce the ringing tone but the little one gets up at the slightest sound and we have to take much effort to put her into bed. My "#" has been registered with this real estate agent more than 12 years ago and the person feels that they are doing a great job by calling us daily. The business is unable to take out my number from their ssurvey list as taking out my number will take a large amount of funds and I am not able to do that right now due to my existing liabilities.

3, Dec. 2018

They said I had aligations and the cops were after me 😂😂😭

30, Nov. 2018

These guys are moving targets.

30, Nov. 2018

I didn’t answer and they left no message.

30, Nov. 2018


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