Area Code 224

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Area code: 224
State: Illinois
Country: USA
31, Oct. 2018

How would you report this phone number for harassment ? Will it do any good to send in a complaint ? I hope the authorities force them to Stop. Stop. STOP. Please STOP. Calling. now.

31, Oct. 2018

Our dogs are getting averse to the current mobile calls. The moment I am exercising the dogs the mobile calls come in like a litany and my dogs start whining all the time. Oh! why do the calls keep coming at this time of the afternoon. The bloodhounds!

31, Oct. 2018

My new mobile number is a inconvenience. # and other places keep calling for someone I've never heard of. Which rihhts can I exercise ?

31, Oct. 2018

I am really wondering whether the agents who phone have the interest to call so many people during a day. To my disbelief I found out by chance that the phone calls do not happen only to our family members. The plea was of no use and within a few minutes after the employee hung up the people who telephone telephoned once again in my presence. My wife who was with me was giggling the way the fellow who got the call reacted. I do not want to be considered a clown in the eyes of my wife.

31, Oct. 2018

This idiotic caller uses several numbers. We've been getting at least nine telephone calls from the company. This is illegal. My mobile is registered on the national Do-Not-Call Registry. That seems to be a joke.

30, Oct. 2018

Harold won't stop phoning from this telephone number. I can't get him stop calling. Perhaps I 'll calling him incessantly to see how it feels.

30, Oct. 2018

Some dude phoning for some girl. Always a wrong number, but the telephone calls don't stop.. How do you stop the phone calls?

30, Oct. 2018

I do not understand why # calls for my mother-in-law at my cell number. What would you do?

30, Oct. 2018

I have been trying my best to stop the phone calls, but now I am totally fed up. Strangely, by the looks of it something has happened to the agent who telephones. Now when the continuing telephone calls come there is a sound of constant throat clearing and thankfully no more conversations. I am so unhappy with these noises and wish that the jerk will get fed up Telephoning me.

30, Oct. 2018

They call all day long and won't leave a voicemail. It's using up my cell mobile phone traffic. I am going to submit a objection ?

30, Oct. 2018

I received another phone call from Best Buy Does anybody know if it is a collection phone number?

30, Oct. 2018

Last night, we got a bizarre cell phone call. The message didn't say anything about the caller's location or the caller's name. I phoned the Caller ID number on the phone and Best Buy picked up. That seemed little weird to me .

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