Area Code 224

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Area code: 224
State: Illinois
Country: USA
20, Nov. 2018

Stop calling me,,

20, Nov. 2018

Text Received “Your Uber code: 5038. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.” I secured my Uber account, then replied with “STOP”. Received immediate reply “SMS from Uber is now disabled. To re-enable, reply START.” I would recommend securing & monitoring your Uber account (if you have one) and ignore/ maybe block...

19, Nov. 2018

Today they called me at 10:05, 10:07 and 10:10.

18, Nov. 2018

The telephone calls are sometimes grouped together. When I attempt to telephone the caller back, it leads to nowhere. This makes me see red. There has got to be a lawsuit to make this calls cease.

18, Nov. 2018

These collectors are incredibly nasty and I won't hand them money over the phone. They told I owed $17 on my credit card which has came up to $100. Is this situation reasonable? The debt collection agents even have been phoning every morning. How can I make them stop this?

18, Nov. 2018

Keep getting a ton of calls from these people. The message is odd. He says that they are calling about a debt. The recording says I'll regret it if I do not call. The company telephones my job as well. Can anybody tell me what to do?

18, Nov. 2018

I was unhappily waiting to cross the Oak street as I was a few minutes late for my appointment at the hair salon. When I now the mobile phone rang briefly and when I answered the mobile there was total stillness on the other end. I am still shivering with te cold and the irritating alls maked me feel worse.

18, Nov. 2018

I am curious about a phone call from Chase. I didn't pick up the call because I was at my dad's. Why would they phone me??

17, Nov. 2018

This # texted in the middle of the night, asking "how r u?" No reply to numerous return texts re: who is this

15, Nov. 2018

This person is Emilee. A prostitute. Real name Sarah. She is dating a pimp Johnnie Evans. He has access to this phone. Don’t send any information to this person.

31, Oct. 2018

How would you report this phone number for harassment ? Will it do any good to send in a complaint ? I hope the authorities force them to Stop. Stop. STOP. Please STOP. Calling. now.

31, Oct. 2018

Our dogs are getting averse to the current mobile calls. The moment I am exercising the dogs the mobile calls come in like a litany and my dogs start whining all the time. Oh! why do the calls keep coming at this time of the afternoon. The bloodhounds!

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