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30, Aug. 2019

still getting calls from them.

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4, May. 2019

This was a pre-recorded messaged advising that there is an important message concerning my account.

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17, Apr. 2018

I received another call to my registered dnc telephone number on 10/20/15 at 2.45p from 8503914758 identified as Tallahassee FL.

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23, Feb. 2018

We have received numerous calls from 706-229-8669.

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22, Feb. 2018

Why am I on the Do not Call list if you can deal with it either.

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14, Nov. 2017

I asked him how he got my number and he said I called him last night.

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14, Nov. 2017

Now, when I see the number, I no longer pick up the phone, which is why I don't have the name of the company.

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10, Nov. 2017

I stay on the line and talk to a rep and ask them to stop calling and they don't.

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4, Jun. 2017

Scam wanting personal info to "Reduce my AEP Electric Bill" with their system. Caller sounded like a dot-head or a towel-head from the mid-east.

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3, Aug. 2016

I block the call but they call back next day from a different number with a different amount they are going to save me and a different web site to go to.

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6, Apr. 2016

Call displays as cell but the voicemail is a robo dialer offering home security services press 1 if interested. Robo dialed to my cell no less which I thought was against TCPA laws

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12, Nov. 2014

they call me every dayplease make them stop..............

Some guy named Jayson
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27, Sep. 2014

This is the number of a "catfish" or those that meet people online and prank them. Look up "catfish" the tv show you'll understand.

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11, Aug. 2014

they keep calling.. leave ruffled noise on phone.. very annoying

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20, Jul. 2014

third call today from this company!

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15, May. 2014

Find girlfriend

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12, Mar. 2013

This number has been calling 2 times every day, and when we answer, they hang up.

Elf Odin
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20, Dec. 2012

Caller hung up when I answered.

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14, Dec. 2012

AutoProcessing Department - trying to sell aftermarket warranty.

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11, Dec. 2012

no message called back and got message to hold for next available operator, help for 5 minutes! no longer! not wasting my minutes!