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9, Nov. 2019

clearly a scam operation to take advantage of old folks who don't know any better.

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10, Oct. 2018

His cell phone number is on the DNCR.

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24, Sep. 2015

This company called twice.

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10, Feb. 2015

They call every few days - I never answer & they never leave a message - blocked 'em

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13, Nov. 2014

This was a recorded messages from "Scott" at some pest control company.

Sick O'Spam
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28, Mar. 2014

I, too, received a call from this # this week. After reading the comments, I, too, had difficulty finding confirmation that this is a legit, registered charity. As to the favorable comments, I have a hard time believing you (here and on other sites) since you don’t give any details that the rest of us are looking for. I just watched “People’s Court” TV show and they talked about a company being a “shell game”. That prompted me to share my ‘adventure’ of what I found. - I looked up the phone #, which is from Illinois, and came here. - I looked up aovcars.com. Per my anti-virus program, not a ‘safe’ site so I didn’t click on it. But I note that description for that site shows mercycars.com, and has tags for Salt Lake City, UT and Las Vegas, NV. - I looked up mercycars.com. That shows a registrant of Travis Peterson of the organization Donate that car with an e-mail of Michigan investor@gmail.com and phone # of 435-851-4570, and shows aovcars.com in Provo, UT. - I looked up donate that car + aov cars and it shows MOHCARS.com (Medal of Honor Cars). - I looked up mohcars.com and there’s Mr. Peterson’s name with an organization of medal of honor LLC. - I looked up medal of honor llc and it shows it’s a privately held company in Ephraim, Utah. - I looked up 435-851-4570 and found Mountain Land Properties, Inc. in Las Vegas with Mr. Peterson’s name and Mainstream Communications LLC. - I looked up Travis Peterson and found he’s Inactive Previous President for Mountain Land Properties in Las Vegas. At this point, I gave up. I got tired of going down this very winding road. NO COMPANY SHOULD BE THIS DIFFICULT TO VERITY IT’S AUTHENTICITY. Unless the favorable (paid?) reviewers want to give more details, this screams ’shell game’ and SPAM.

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21, Mar. 2013

they call every day, never leave messages, they call from many different number, very annoying!

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21, Feb. 2013

Three calls in one day, the one time I answered, there was nobody there. They did not leave a message the other 2 times. This sounds like a scam to me.

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1, Jan. 2013

these people keep calling with prerecorded messages. then they change there numbers and call again. using up all my cell minutes. please help!

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28, Dec. 2012

They call frequently, although we've asked them to stop. Sometimes a person's on the phone, other times nothing but a buzz.

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6, Nov. 2012

craigslist scammer, advertises fake cars, sends you to random homes, do not deal with, craigslist scammer