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30, Aug. 2018

Y,202,2029110,calling asking for mary and texting me

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24, Apr. 2018

I have been receiving many calls from telemarketers.

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13, Oct. 2015

Brereton Jones is a resident in my community.

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6, Aug. 2014

I incorrectly entered this just previousely with the wrong number that was called. I receive at least one of these calls a week.

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30, Jun. 2014

They call me and hang up after I say hello.

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5, Jun. 2014

Unable to request that the company quit calling since it is a recorded message. This company has been calling me once or twice a week.

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2, Jun. 2012

I will continue to register complaints until the calls stop. I DO NOT BELIEVE, FOR 1 SECOND, THAT THEY WILL STOP CALLING ONLY BECAUSE I ASKED THEM TO. They have never stopped before, so I doubt they will until the feds step in and force them to stop. Please do something about this situation.