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12, May. 2017

Got a call from this strange number . I looked it up and I think its the collectors called Dynia and Associates. No idea why they're bugging me. Can someone confirm that it's really them?

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25, Nov. 2015

These idiots are calling 4-8 times per day.

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11, Apr. 2015

I thought I have been on the no call list for years but things have just gotten out of hand.

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2, Jun. 2014

I live in Louisiana and received a call from this number in the early evening, mid week. I did not answer and did not respond in any way. I never answer calls that are not on my phone list.

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22, May. 2014

They call every day on my cell & it is a recorded message!

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8, May. 2014

This number has called me several times. I keep asking them to stop but they keep calling. I am on the DNC registry.

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27, Jan. 2014

THEY ARE ANNOYING. They do not stop calling and only hear music when I say hello. I would really like this number to answer so I can tell them I do not want whatever they are calling me for.

So SICK of these Calls
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21, Dec. 2012

Another SPAM call to my pre-pay cell. Am constantly getting calls from UNKNOWN NUMBERS in ILLINOIS. We have **NO CREDIT** tied to this number so even though these numbers seem to be traced to 'bill collectors' we OWE NO ONE ANYTHING, therefore they either have a WRONG NUMBER or they are A SCAM. I've TRIED to TELL THEM I'm NOT whom they are looking for and DO NOT KNOW the person they ARE looking for, but they WILL NOT STOP.

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2, Dec. 2012

They are calling to sell more products. This is a trick. Their vendors are hiding behing a company. name to say we authorizzed them to place the calls.