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1, Aug. 2018

I receive calls from this number on my fax machine. There is no fax, must be a robocaller.

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9, Feb. 2018

I am a liar and a bad person for not paying my debt.

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7, Dec. 2017

Same as others: arrest warrant and lawsuit. ATT could stop these calls but won't.

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5, Apr. 2017

I have reported the other numbers as well.

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15, Mar. 2017

"Jay Radke is working to lower your property taxes. Jay Radke is running for Township supervisor. And is against the $50 million Kane County referendum. Please vote Jay Radke for Township supervisor. And vote no against the Kane County. $50 million property tax hike. Paid for by Kane cares about tax payers 224-241-2393."

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22, Jun. 2016


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17, Dec. 2015

This number has called at least twice a day, every day for a week.

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17, Jul. 2014

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19, Feb. 2014

they keep calling me, I do not recognize the number. They never leave a message.

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17, May. 2013

Fake name, claims to be a Marine, craigslist scammer.

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14, Dec. 2012

They call several times a day and several times a week. I told them that I was not interested in anything they have to sell and yet they keep calling. Please put a stop to them. There are lots of complaints against this number.

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22, Sep. 2012

This is from a Republican group (Koch Brotherss) against alternative fuel. The name is the American Energy Alliance. It is putting a sham, offensive phone campaign on to harass voters before the election (making it appear that they are FOR alternative energy, when they are posing AS them and making the industry look bad). It is an anti-obama group which wants you angry at him.

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25, Jan. 2012

if it's not a local job than you have to be careful there are a lot of fake job offers, where they ask you to receive things or cash checks