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21, Jul. 2018

Sent a text means asking me to call them, I returned the text asking who is this? They won't reply.

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13, May. 2016

They call about every two hours and it has been going on for a week.

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11, Mar. 2015

State farm agency in Elgin

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3, Mar. 2014

Foreign voice... has called before.. have no idea who this might be... I have relatives in Illinois so ....I am curious.

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4, Apr. 2013

We have received the same recorded message numerous times. When we pushed a number to speak with someone, we informed them that we are on the do not call list but they said that it does not apply to them. We asked to be placed on their do not call list, they say they do not have one.

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7, Nov. 2012

Last time I looked, there were 760 complaints against them on Google. This has been going on about once a week since the first of the year.