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28, Jun. 2019

call came in at 10:38am.

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27, Jun. 2018

They left me a voice mail entirely in Chinese

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9, Jun. 2017

I just found out from my son that it is a phone app. It's called Prank Dial. It is a phony kids voice that sounds like a man pretending to be a kid. I was somewhat relieved because I that it was a psycho-pedo-murderer or something.

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28, Mar. 2016

Four times in a couple of days.

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2, Sep. 2015

No name for this one either: #4082256200 on 1/3/14 @3:15pm.

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3, Mar. 2015

Reward Redemption

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8, Dec. 2014

When I tried dialed the number back, that had called me, a recorded message stated the following: "The number you have dialed is unallocated"