Area Code 216

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Area code: 216
State: Ohio
Country: USA
18, Feb. 2019

Scammer called my grandparents and said their nephew was in a car accident and they were found intoxicated and they have to pay a bond.

12, Feb. 2019

My mother received the same call from the same number. Definitely a scam and a scary one at that. Please pass along the word not to fall for this one.

10, Feb. 2019

Robo call

Steve H
6, Feb. 2019

I don't want to talk to this person please stop calling me

6, Feb. 2019

Called without leaving a voice-mail. Phone says its from Maple Heights, Ohio.

25, Jan. 2019

After a disappointing call with Verizon Fios, this number called my home number as well as my cell number repeatedly!!!

25, Jan. 2019

This call was in regards to a resume that I sent in responding to a job application. It was legit.

24, Jan. 2019

She says her name is Ms. Green and makes up random amounts that i supposedly owe her...she has done the same thing to my fiance...and when we tell her shes not getting any money or bank numbers she gets extremely irate and tells us were going to jail if we dont pay her...she even went as far as calling my fiances workplace trying to get his banking info...she gave herself away when she called from a number that came up as the courthouse...we called the courthouse back they didnt even have anyone with her name working there...we called the sheriffs dept and found out shes a scammer...she tries to scare ppl into giving her their bank info and then she drains the account

23, Jan. 2019

They've called me at least 20 times. When I finally did answer the guy kept trying to tell me I put in a request for information for whatever his scam was. I cut him off and told him I did not put in a request but he wouldn't listen and told me I did, and that they have a request for information so it must have come from me. Only did he hang up after I kept interrupting him

Thing 1
15, Jan. 2019

But, do you have his life in your hands?

15, Jan. 2019

person called to see if i needed money i said i didnt know who i was talking to and they hung up scam from india i think

13, Jan. 2019

Never anyone on the other end. Just a click after a few moments and then a dial tone. We receive multiple calls from this number.

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