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  • Regional statistics: Cleveland, Ohio has a population of 449514 that is in a county of 571457 units. The city is in a county that is 458 square miles. 216-208 is available through the regional telephone switch # CLEVOHTTCM0 in the Cleveland area.
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8, Jun. 2019

I have been called multiple times. Says I have registered for a tax lien conference in Columbus that I have never heard of at the Sheraton near the airport.. Wants me to call them back at a different number, 844-292-2156.

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23, May. 2019

First, I received two calls from the number 486-533-5301 on 10/23.

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17, May. 2019

The recorded messages starts out, "ATT&T. You have been awarded $350.

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17, May. 2019

This Call came to me at 4:02. P.M tolday and I getting feed up in these darn people wanting to know some one else business I don't give a hack whom it is , I have all was been told if they would mind there own business they wouldn't be minding mine,

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8, May. 2019

These phone calls come early in the morning disrupting my elderly father's schedule.

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24, Apr. 2019

please stop such calls

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17, Apr. 2019

caller disconnected shortly after answered.

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4, Apr. 2019

this robo caller has called many, many times.

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4, Apr. 2019

Asked them to stop calling.

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22, Mar. 2019

I asked her to take us off her list and she hung up on me.

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23, Jan. 2019

They've called me at least 20 times. When I finally did answer the guy kept trying to tell me I put in a request for information for whatever his scam was. I cut him off and told him I did not put in a request but he wouldn't listen and told me I did, and that they have a request for information so it must have come from me. Only did he hang up after I kept interrupting him

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2, Oct. 2018

Received a phone call from this number today stating they were calling from the IRS and that I was going to be arrested, my house and car would be taken and that my bank accounts would be frozen. They were obviously not from the IRS as they did not know the last four digits of my social security number or my date of birth. Asked me how much money I had in my checking and savings accounts! What the hell?!?

tired of the political crap calls
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18, Sep. 2018

Unfortunately when the telecommunications act became law, there was that small "loophole" allowing political calls. This is one of them. Since it's robocall/automated, your choice is to either ignore it or ignore it. You know the # - since it's "legally sanctioned" there's not much else that can be done, other than to turn of the ringer on the phone.

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29, Aug. 2018

other numbers are 9862024, 8888288754, 4694581205, 8322329580, 18666984347, 8889593117, 7706579989, 8185741770, 4029524444, 7019, 5164536886 one of these numbers may have been with someone trying to do a survey.

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18, Jun. 2018

It doesn't give you a way to opt out.

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13, Jun. 2018

I am not good at this computer stuff so I sure need your help.

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18, May. 2018

The company is called Omega Services LLC and the telephone company that issued them the phone number is called Cavalier Telephone LLC.

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2, May. 2018

It is extremely disruptive and annoying.

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25, Apr. 2018

I've registered my number months ago and still get phone call calls from all types of businesses trying to sell me something!

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19, Apr. 2018

Debt collection scam that has been continuing for months.

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18, Apr. 2018

We receive several phone calls a week from this number.

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7, Mar. 2018

It is a garbled taped message.

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2, Feb. 2018

This was a very convincing robo call asking for my bank information.

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15, Jan. 2018

I told her twice now not to call me.

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8, Jan. 2018

Thanks for past super help the number of calls has decreased a lot!

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6, Dec. 2017

They have been calling Approx.

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4, Dec. 2017

I don't what going on crazy

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30, Nov. 2017

I am a verizon wireless customer.

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7, Nov. 2017

The call was to my pre-paid cellphone, which I never give out, especially to a website on the internet, which is what this company claimed I had done.

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1, Nov. 2017

They just started calling me last week and I don't answer the phone.

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6, Oct. 2017

some times I have answered and sometime I let it go to voice mail.

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10, Jul. 2017

They call me many times every day, it cause lots of trouble to my life.

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7, Jun. 2017

message content: Hi my name is Andrew, I saw your domain and noticed you did not have a website. I am a web designer and I am currently building some websites for free to build my portfolio. Let me know if you are interested!

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26, May. 2017

This was the standard recorded message about how I can save on the interest paid on my credit card (not naming any card).

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27, Apr. 2017

Asked not to call back.

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22, Apr. 2017

I believe this is a home security robocall.

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18, Apr. 2017

Not sure why there would be a million hits on the internet for this number being scam, and yet it is still an active number.

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10, Feb. 2017

reported this number many times before, pls stop them calling.

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13, Jan. 2017

I missed the call from this number and wondered who they were... thank you for the information, it really helped me a lot...

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12, Dec. 2016

AMERICAN MESSAGING (AM), INC. sending.daily, no known class action suites.

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18, Oct. 2016

This company continues to call daily for the last few months even after I follow the instructions and press the number they say will take me off the call list.

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30, Sep. 2016

Calls several times a day. CID identifies it as Med Advisors. No one answers if I pick up. When I call it back I get a recorded message: "Hello? None of our representatives are available right now. If you received a call from this number, we should contact you within the next day. If you believe you received this call by error, please press 5 to be added to our 'do not call' list" As another mentioned, pressing 5 does not stop the calls.

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28, Sep. 2016

I did not answer because it is not a number I recognize. Caller did not leave a voice mail message; therefore, I believe they don't think I would respond if I knew who they are or why they called.

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14, Jul. 2016

Calls occur every day from Teleperformance, even after requests to stop are made.

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14, Jun. 2016

I was not given an opportunity to tell the caller to stop calling without having to talk to a representative.