Area Code 215

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Area code: 215
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
2, Jul. 2020

I did a reverse number check on white pages and it is a telemarketer.

2, Jun. 2020

I registered with the National Do Not Call and these people are still calling me!

2, Jun. 2020

Asked me to press certain numbers to claim the prize.

2, Jun. 2020

They have been calling me every couple of days since May 2015, I am tired of this scamming company, who keep harassing me, calling me on my cell phone throughout the day, and sometimes in the evenings.

2, Jun. 2020

Calls to me started in early December.

14, May. 2020

Calls constantly but gets my answering machine because I don’t answer the phone. After the answering machine message finishes this moron asks for me, even though he is talking to an answering machine. Has gone on for weeks. As long as he is stupid enough to keep trying it will go on and on and on...some people are too stupid to learn.

13, May. 2020

This was a call from Pennsylvania Hospital PennMed about an appointment

12, May. 2020

She says she's from Medicare. Calls repeatedly,every day from different phone numbers.

8, May. 2020

Calls 3 times in a row once a week for the past year. Sounds like a fax

7, May. 2020

SCAM - express scripts states this isnt a legit number

2, May. 2020

Did not answer this call - called back and got a human who said his name and company, which was a credit company.

2, May. 2020

I have been ill-please get these recorded calls to stop.

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