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25, Sep. 2018

I keep getting calls from somebody wanting to sell me a product. Initially, I didn't get bothered. I asked them to provide more information about the product. This same telephone number has phoned me 8 times a week since. I always tell them to stop phoning me. How do I convince the business to stop telephoning me ?

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16, Apr. 2018

I was not home to take the call, but this solicitor should not be calling my registered number.

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17, Oct. 2017

I pointed out I had already told them in 2013 to stop calling they obviously ignore the request.

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14, Mar. 2016

A number of big company

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8, Jan. 2016

i spoke with a customer rep and asked him to take me off the list.

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31, Jul. 2015

they have called my job over 100 times since 8;00am CST and she keeps calling.

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10, Feb. 2015

I would just like them to stop.

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3, Oct. 2014

They keep calling

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10, Mar. 2013

When I called the number back there was no ring only recorded message to enter my number on their do not call list. I did that about ten times to no avail. The calls keep coming.

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8, Dec. 2012

They call once a week from various numbers. This number seems to be the most common.