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19, Sep. 2018

When the person took my call I asked who they were and why they were calling me on my cell phone that was costing me money per minute and they hung up on me.

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13, Sep. 2018

There is a recorded menu option (press one) to be connected to a live person in order to request to be removed from the call list.

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15, Sep. 2017

I thought rob calls where banned?

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6, Apr. 2017

Since this was a recorded message, I couldn't talk to a REAL person to tell them not or call or even to remove my number from their lists.

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20, May. 2016

I am going to report every one from now on.

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4, May. 2016

I will file again on that call.

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23, Apr. 2015

Sounded like a solar company.

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22, Aug. 2014

Very Annoying calls starting coming from this no. within 45 minutes of connecting my new phone service. My service is through AT&T. Apparently, they must sell their phone nos. to telemarketing companies.

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29, May. 2014

This place has called me numerous times. If it doesn't leave a message- it just waits on the line and hangs up. I need them to just stop calling my number!

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26, May. 2014

These people have called every day for the last 2 weeks or so. It's a recorded message.

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26, Feb. 2014

When I wait for a real person after the recorded message and ask them to take this number off their list they just hang up on me and don't even say a word.

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12, Feb. 2014

They call me and there is no one on the other end and no recorded message. They are attempting to perform illegal activities.

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23, Jan. 2014

We keep getting calls, sometimes several a week, from a recorded message. The recording said that if we did not want to receive call press #3, which we have done. How do we stop these annoying calls?

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7, Nov. 2012

Just a reminder, but the minute you answer the phone, they know they have a valid, working phone number. I answer on first or second ring whenever, and hang up immediately. They may try to call again two or three times, but I just do the same thing each time. Usually they drop you from their calling list if it appears to be a non-working number. I still get angry about the fact that these sleeze balls can get a phone number. Some of them advertise online for callers, and the ads say they pay $16.00 per hour. Must be making some money somehow to afford that or perhaps that is just another part of their scam! I report it to the FTC, as well as on several websites like this one, and and

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5, Nov. 2012

They call about 4 times. I have reported them numerous times, yet they continue to call.