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18, Nov. 2018

As a norm I do not answer phone calls from anonymous numbers but since the person who calls was persistent I finally gave in and answered the phone calls as I was expecting a telephone call from one of my nephews who was currently on vacation. The representative who was calling was so difficult to understand and I hhad no clue what he was trying to tell me. As the last step, I raised my voice and inquired why he goes on telephoning when I cant get what he is trying to ask and the mobile calls are worthless and then he goes all blank. I tried to check with the person who is calling regarding the particulars of the company and strangely from the other side I heard a series of hiccups and thne the line goes dead.

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15, Aug. 2018

My son got a voicemail on his phone that caused him restless nights. The company left a message that they would arrest him. The caller should be taken to jail. We're going to call an attorney in the morning.

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15, Aug. 2018

Today I got a call from Alliance Security. Alfred left a voicemail about an ancient bank account. I alve no idea what htis guy is referring to. Can anhone please suggest what to do?

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19, Apr. 2018

this is the 4th time I have received this call.

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27, Jan. 2018

Soliciting for a free emergency medical alert system

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21, Dec. 2017

all days, all times of day.

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10, Oct. 2017

Received many of these call on our land line too.

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26, Sep. 2016

Going to go postal shortly if they dont stop calling.

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20, Sep. 2016

I thought this was Card Services, whom I have asked to cease calling me, but I'm not sure it was them because caller ID showed UNAVAILABLE.

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17, Aug. 2015

I believe this is a scam and the phone calls I now receive are designed to be annoying rather than productive.

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18, Mar. 2015

i'm going to block the number

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23, Jan. 2015

wanted to know if I paid my car insurance.?

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31, Dec. 2014

I tell them I am not interesting but they keep calling me three to four time a day. I am bout to get the law involved

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6, May. 2014

This robocaller is calling every day.It asks for me to press a button. This robocaller is very annoying and violating my rights and because it is so frequent, I would appreciate if you would fine them and stop them from further calls.

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12, Nov. 2013

Told me he was from Microsoft and that my computer would no longer work. At that point, I hung up on him

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30, Aug. 2013

i was told I owe back Taxes $2500. IF I don't pay over the phone they send the police to arrest me.

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9, Apr. 2013

This number has called my phone several times a day. I don\'t answer it.

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16, Feb. 2013

The rep says nothing and hangs the phone up. Upon attempting to recall the number, it seems to be a non working number.

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14, Feb. 2013

The calls ceased for 1 1/2 days, and started up again today

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10, Oct. 2012

these jerks called me, I EVEN ANSWERED the phone so I could talk to them and tell them to stop calling me. They didn't even BOTHER to talk to me. Nothing on the line. I mean, WHY call and harass people if you aren't even going to talk to them when they answer? And now, my phone won't hang up. I get a busy signal. They have hung on the line or something, I am not allowed to call out anymore on my landline! No wonder we are all going to cell phones!

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9, Oct. 2012

They always tell me they have something for me. I ask them who they are but they will not say. I have verbaly told them I am on the "do not call registry" and to remove my number from their call list and then they hang up on me. I have received calls on my cellphone from this number.

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20, Feb. 2012

posing as Mastercard alert # -didn't bother calling as it's not the security number of my card's issuer...