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5, Jun. 2019

Thanks you for your attention to this matter.

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18, Apr. 2019

Never leaves a message if you don't.

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8, May. 2018

I never contacted this company nor did I order the product they are trying to arrange shipping for (a senior health care emergency alerting system).

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8, May. 2018

These people continue to call event though I have told them I am on the do not call list.

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2, Feb. 2014

Both of the numbers people have mentioned have called my cell also. I have Sprint, maybe that is the connection. She started talking about a surgery I had (haven't had one in 24 years) I told her she was wrong and she just kept talking like I didn't say anything. She had a very strong accent. so I hung up. The next time it was a man, very rude and acted like I wasn't even on the phone telling him not to call. A bullhorn greeted the next call. That was two days ago:)

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18, Jul. 2013

Would not talk to me if I asked questions then would hang up.