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  • Regional statistics: Los Angeles, California has a population of 3877129 that is in a county of 3133774 units. The city is in a county that is 4060 square miles. 213-915 is available through the regional telephone switch # IRVECAJTDS0 in the Los Angeles area.
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25, Mar. 2019

The recording says to push 9 to speak to a service rep about relieving credit card debt.

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31, Oct. 2017

They place messages in my voicemail without my phone ever ringing. They want you to call another number (in this case 949-647-4424) to discuss lowering rates on student loans. They say to ignore the message if it reached me in error, but they have inserted the message into my voicemail box each of the last 4 Tuesdays, making it more and more difficult to ignore. It prompted me to research ringless voicemail and I found an article published in the NY Times from June 2017 explaining the technology and the controversy. Apparently the industry thinks that it's not intrusive to dump SPAM in my mailbox. But I was sitting in a meeting and my phone chimed that I had received a message. Thinking it was important, it was a distraction until I was able to hear it. Personally, I find that quite intrusive. Apparently, the FCC has yet to rule on the legality of this practice. Please tell your representative in congress, and your state's senators, that this practice must be banned and that service providers have the right to provide individuals with the tools necessary to block ringless voicemail

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3, Nov. 2015

BLOCKED Called daily. pest/good riddancde

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9, Sep. 2014

Recorded "important message" to which I did not continue to listen.

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25, Aug. 2014

Don't pick up calls i.d.'d as "Out of Area" UNLESS I recognize the # which occasionally happens.

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30, Jul. 2014

This is the fourth time these people have called today. I am sick of this and please do something.

telemarketers nightmare
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7, Aug. 2013

PEOPLE, do not do business with anyone who calls from a fake caller ID number. In fact, if you haven't called a company, don't do business with anyone that calls you to do business over the phone. 1st, they use a fake number 2nd They violate the do not call list 3rd they use some sort of deception to "re-introduce" themselves (spoke to you and you were busy but said call back ~ left a coupon on your doorstep when we were in the neighborhood ~ you asked us to call you the next time we had a special.... lies) These are professional liars, designed to separate fools from their money. If we can't trust them to not violate our preference to not receive these marketing calls, then how can we trust them with our money, our home, our safety, that they are the best option, that they are the best price, that they will do what they say???? WE CAN'T!!! Besides the people calling are usually telemarketing mills. If you ask for a website, a license, a phone number, or anything that might tie them to a legitimate business, they can't answer because they have not SOLD YOU to anyone yet. First, they deceive you, then they sell you to the guy who has to live up to their lies. The guy who can't get business without employing these liars. You've been warned!!!

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29, May. 2013

no message left

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30, Mar. 2013

This was the same recorded message I have received previously from the same company. It seems to be a scam. Since it is a recorded message, I am unable to tell them not to call me anymore. The message always seems to come from a different phone number, but it is the same message.

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5, Mar. 2013

We get calls from companies and we can usually call and be taken off their list. I called these guys and told them we are on a Do Not Call List. I asked how to be taken off their list and he didn't know.

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20, Oct. 2012

they call at night!

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16, Oct. 2012

These robo calls are now rampant. I'm certain you receive countless complaints about this as well other such callers. It's a DAILY annoyance by these people. I have caller ID and simply do not answer. But if not home, the answering machine fills up with the loud "if you'd like to make a call/ then clanging' as they do not disconnect on their own. PLEASE HELP.

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10, Jun. 2012

I have not nor do not wish to do business with these people.