Area Code 212

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Area code: 212
State: New York
Country: USA
12, Dec. 2018

recorded message left in japanese or chinese. When you try to call the number back its a buzy signal. Details of the call reflect: 212-244-9312@ When i google it reflects address unknown. They have infiltrated our phone system leaving random voicemails without even being connected directly by one of our staff

11, Dec. 2018

212-244-9315 called and leave a Chinese or Japanese msg

10, Dec. 2018

whoever sent the spam chinese message is a real Fucking LOSER u clearly have NO LIFE. what a pathetic waste of flesh

7, Dec. 2018

I am really wondering whether the representatives who call have sufficient money to give calls like this. To my disbelief I found out by chance that the mobile calls do not happen only to me. The request was not even considered and within seconds after the worker ended the cal the reps who telephone called again when I was with them. I did not think it was anything to laugh about as my wife does not know about the nuisance phone calls that I have been getting recently. She thinks I am her champion and I would like her to continue to think like that until we are together.

3, Dec. 2018

The telephone rang non-stop on Monday. Then to my surprise I noticed the mobile calls were coming from "#" I need to take action without any hassle. I just don't want to give up without sorting this matter.

3, Dec. 2018

Getting calls from #. Why are they telephoning?

3, Dec. 2018

I was just adding the pepper to the ribs for the BBQ when the calls came non-stop. I am on the way to the doctor to get medication. I need to find out who is responsible for these telephone calls. The previous calls were a bit different. My family new to this country and I am uncertain how they found out that I am enw to the vicinity. Maybe someone does not have sufficient work and trying to be weird

3, Dec. 2018

Con Edison called and didn't leave a voicemail. This place phoned my cell. Do you think I should call the bank back?

3, Dec. 2018

The telephone rang a few times last week. Then to my horror I noticed the phone calls were coming from "#" I have to stop reading immediately when the calls come. I just don't want to let it go without taking any action against the people who telephone.

3, Dec. 2018

Too terrifying to express. Just hung up telephone. Threats of jail if we didn't pay the bill. Anyone help me?

1, Dec. 2018

Do you really fine them, or is this site just to make us feel better?

30, Nov. 2018

The people called and let me know my China bank card was caught with a man in China, and said the man purchased the bank card from me for 3000 usd. Wants to know if I have knowledge about why and how it happens. Hang up the phone and call the embassy as they claim they are, embassy said it’s a common scam, they will not call for issues like it, and they do not have such person name Hung Chen working there.

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