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  • Regional statistics: New York, New York has a population of 8107916 that is in a county of 738644 units. The city is in a county that is 28 square miles. 212-796 is available through the regional telephone switch # NYCMNYBXDSK in the New York area.
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17, Nov. 2018

I keep getting telephone calls from a business wanting me to buy sometihng. At first, I didn't mind. I was curious about the information. This same telephone number has telephoned me several times every week since. I keep telling them to stop phoning me. It's bothering me.

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13, Sep. 2018

this site as it took up much of my valuable time.

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9, Jun. 2015

I have gotten over 10 calls from these people after I have asked them to stop and I have been on the do not call list for awhile now.

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20, Oct. 2014

Possible scam call offering "help" with my computer from accent speaker was a foreign national (Indian?).

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25, Mar. 2013

Called numerous times over the course of a few days. Did not leave a message but stayed on the phone long enough so that I could hear the receiver being hung up on the other end. Called back, and recorded message said the number had been canceled.

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17, Nov. 2012