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  • Regional statistics: New York, New York has a population of 8107916 that is in a county of 738644 units. The city is in a county that is 28 square miles. 212-659 is available through the regional telephone switch # NYCNNYFUDS0 in the New York area.
  • Other cities located around New York: Manhattan (212-655) Bronx (212-784)
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20, Nov. 2018

They keep on making them.

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18, Nov. 2018

This collector insists on calling my father every afternoon. I've got no clue why they phone. I have never heard of this agency BLANK. Is there a procedure to force them to end the calls?

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30, Jul. 2015

same company keeps calling - but now it's from a different phone number.

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12, Jun. 2014

This is the third call from this number in the last two weeks and since this number is registered on the do not call registry and a cell phone for which must pay for call time, enough is enough.

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28, Jun. 2013

They call me 3 or 4 times a day. I am so hesitant to pick up my phone. I let the answering machine pick it up and they hang up every time. Sometimes they wake me up in the morning when I am home and not feeling well. I want to complain, but I don't know who to complain to.

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23, Apr. 2013

This number calls 5 times a day. When I answer, it immediately hangs up. When I call the number back, it always says a message "We're sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again." I can't ask that number to stop calling me because I can never get any kind of response!

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8, Mar. 2013

they keep calling my cell phone!