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  • Regional statistics: Manhattan, New York has a population of 1537195 that is in a county of 738644 units. The city is in a county that is 28 square miles. 212-220 is available through the regional telephone switch # NYCMNY83DS2 in the Manhattan area.
  • Other cities located around Manhattan: New York (212-219) Bronx (212-784)
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30, Jan. 2018

This company calls many times.

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30, Mar. 2016

This smells like a scam, and thus would be FRAUD (or attempted fraud).

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7, Aug. 2014

received call was a recording

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23, Oct. 2013

Want them to stop calling and remove us from their automatic calling program.

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2, Aug. 2013

We have no outstanding credit card debt and are not able to tell them to stop calling.,

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4, Dec. 2012

These people have been calling daily for about a month at various times. Usually they hang up before the answering machine picks up. It is a recorded message. Caller ID just shows unknown and out of area; no name.

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19, Oct. 2012

They keep calling me , and when I answer , they hang up!!

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5, Sep. 2012

These people call me three times a week. Please have these people stop calling and bothering me.

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15, Aug. 2012

They call threating arrest and that a police officer will be serving a warrant. It is scripted with a heavily accented person reading the script.