Area Code 207

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Area code: 207
State: Maine
Country: USA
13, Nov. 2018

Many People don't know about their rights when it comes to bill collection agencies. Consumers can convince debt collectors to stop phoning. Collectors must cease calling if you inform them that they must stop. People may write or ask them on the cell phone to stop calling. If the debt collection agency telephones again, you are able to sue them. Everybody must use ther rights.

13, Nov. 2018

something about calling from "delta airlines" and wanted me to go to some grand opening in Rockland. I entertained the call until they started asking my marital status. Hung up. Scammer / telemarketer unsure which.

12, Nov. 2018

This number calls and says it is an emergency call from Google saying i have exceeded my storage space and to call back with email sign on /details. they also never leave a message. I belive this to be a scam because google would not phone - they would email me. you know, on GMAIL. S

12, Nov. 2018

** HEALTH INSURANCE SCAM ALERT ** This was yet another automated robo-call that started "Hi, this is Ann with an important message about health care options" and then talks about how I have a limited time to enroll. They've been calling me almost every day since July so I would think the "limited time" has long expired by now! They never mention the name of the company or any other identifying information. Since these people obviously won’t stop calling, I think it's time to fight back by wasting their time. Here's my idea: pick it up, press 1 to talk to a person, then put the phone down and walk away or put the phone on mute. Then let the person on the other go through their speech... but then you never respond. If enough people waste enough of their time, maybe they'll finally find it unprofitable to continue the scam. My cell phone is on the FTC and State of FL do not call list. Their previous calls: 10:50 AM 11/12/18 207-393-2012 9:18 AM 11/1/18 201-241-2414 10:26 AM 10/31/18 346-262-4047 4:42 PM 10/29/18 806-391-1331 12:52 PM 10/25/18 650-237-8840, 2x in 1 day 9:35 AM 10/25/18 415-200-1866 3:33 10/17/18 415-200-0596 11:00 AM 9/19/18 201-215-6415 10:21 AM 9/13/18 201-204-4226 4:46 PM 9/12/18 ‭201-204-5078‬, AN HOUR LATER! 3:20 PM 9/12/18 ‭201-204-5078‬ 9:55 AM 9/11/18 ‭201-204-5437‬ 3:10 PM 9/10/18 ‭201-204-5686‬, 2x in 1 day 9:29 AM 9/10/18 ‭201-204-9991‬ 5:45 PM 9/8/18 215-144-7845 (Saturday) 2:47 PM 9/7/18 ‭201-205-2098‬, 2x in 1 day 9:41 AM 9/7/18 201-205-2392 12:31 PM 9/6/18 ‭201-205-2777‬ 4:57 PM 9/5/18 201-205-3032, 2x in 1 day 10:36 AM 9/5/18 ‭201-205-4319‬ 2:59 PM 9/4/18 ‭201-205-5872‬ 3:26 PM 9/3/18 201-205-6766 4:04 PM 8/31/18 ‭201-205-7881‬ 5:13 PM 8/29/18 201-200-0259, 2x in 1 day 12:01 PM 8/29/18 ‭951-426-2860‬ 9:17 AM 8/27/18 ‭304-350-1898‬ 3:48 PM 8/24/18 robocall left a message, 3x in 1 day 3:00 PM 8/24/18 ‭304-350-1841‬ 9:21 AM 8/24/18 ‭343-887-1137‬ 5:58 PM 8/23/18 robocall left a message 1:42 PM 8/23/18 901-922-5833 3:44 PM 8/7/18 712-243-5608, 2x in 1 day 11:43 AM 8/7/18 623-537-1607 2:29 PM 8/6/18 623-537-1602 4:54 PM 7/19/18 321-248-2816, 3x in 1 day 3:58 PM 7/19/18 robocall left a message 1:58 PM 7/19/18 407-213-2298, less than 2 hours later 12:48 PM 7/19/18 248-237-4278 11:31 AM 7/18/18 240-252-5483 5:47 PM 7/17/18 240-252-3329; 2x in 1 day 11:19 AM 7/17/18 443-249-7005 12:09 PM 7/13/18 407-213-1309

11, Nov. 2018

This agency keeps on phoning me every morning. I have got no clue why they telephone. I've never heard of this agency BLANK. Is there a way to force them to end the cell phone calls?

6, Nov. 2018

Every time I answer the ring, the caller hangs up. I try to call back but a recording says that the phone number has been disconnected.

5, Nov. 2018

This is strange. This is the second time Buckmasters called in the past week. Cannot determine why this place is calling so much. Could it be a error? Has anybody else received a phone call from someone at the financial insitution by the name of Sabrina?

1, Nov. 2018

Bishop Adjustment Services telephones from this phone number - at least I think so.

1, Nov. 2018

Calls multiple times - nearly once a day for the past five weeks and will not leave a voicemail. I want the phone calls to stop! I'm going to get in touch with an attorney and taking them to court. Automated calls are illegal.

29, Oct. 2018

I've gotten at least 10 telephone calls just today from this number. The voicemail is spooky. He claims that they're calling about an overdue bill. The messaage says I will be arrested if I do not return the call. They phone day after day. I don't know who can help me.

28, Oct. 2018

Same thing here I get a voicemail saying I need to call a random out of state number about pending cases against me or he will come by my home or workplace to serve me

26, Oct. 2018

I phoned this debt collector back. Those people were incredibly rude. Why should I provide them with my coworker's social security number? Their attitude is borderline a legal violation. Next time they phone I'll tell them I will sue them.

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