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10, Aug. 2019

They apparently are trying to find this person and I do not know this person.

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7, Jan. 2018

The recording said it was AT&T but when I called the number back it was an add for sex with girls.

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16, Nov. 2017

I get a call from Rachel or Ann at Cardholder Services approximately once a week.

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22, Jul. 2017

Same here

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15, May. 2017

They claim to be affiliated with Google and if you select to have them remove your # they hang up

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28, Jan. 2017

The guy that keeps calling is foreign and says his name is Steve.

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9, Apr. 2015

I have tried to call them to register a complaint but the message says that the voice mail box has not been set up.

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4, Mar. 2015

received a robo-call stating it was google and press 1 to update. I pressed one and got a "hello". Then "what do you want?" Then when I told him he called me, he said" no, you called me so you must want something." Sounded like someone on drugs.