Area Code 206

Additional information:

Area code: 206
State: Washington
Country: USA
18, Feb. 2019

Never requested any service from them

16, Feb. 2019

They called and didn't leave a voice mail.

No One
16, Feb. 2019

Phone number goes back to this company. it appears they have lost a large amount of domains to competitors over the past year, with a 227 domain name loss Jan 27 2019.

13, Feb. 2019

Called and told me i qualified to recieve a government grant of 14,000

8, Feb. 2019

206-259-5723. Automated voice message saying it was from the irs claming i owed money.

7, Feb. 2019

When I pick up and don't say anything its dead air - as soon as I say hello it rings one ring and someone gets on the line asking for me. I won't say that is me I just ask what they want and they won't tell me they just keep asking for me. They constantly call from different numbers- this last time I said stop calling you have the wrong number and the guy said to me "Thank you Love you Bye" really?! lol

6, Feb. 2019

unwanted strange number please have them quit calling.

5, Feb. 2019

Rude and refused to identify himself other than name. Hung up and blocked

31, Jan. 2019

Another Text Phishing Scam. If it was legit it would look more like this: We have received a shipment order from Purple Mattress that is ready for delivery. If you have made a recent purchase from this company than please contact us at 1-800-Get-Beds and have your confirmation number ready to expedite delivery. Thank you, US Freight Services [Phone] [Website] Google us to find out more The point of this lesson is "When in doubt, delete it out!

29, Jan. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

24, Jan. 2019

Just called me today, woman had my full name and birthdate, told me they were a global credit /debit company and the comversatioin was being recorded. I immediately told them the number they called was my business phone, she replied she would remove my name and number from their list. Looks to be cold callers trying to sell something like a high interest credit card?

24, Jan. 2019

The call came in as”Skype” it must be a scammer?

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