Area Code 206

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Area code: 206
State: Washington
Country: USA
22, Feb. 2020

They call daily! Today was first time they left voice mail which was a recording to call during business hours 8am-5pm. I am glad I checked this and I also looked at the real United Healthcare website and this is not their number.

21, Feb. 2020

Registered to Cheryl Woodruff in Seattle. # Called every day for 3 days, never left message. I finally blocked #

Inigo Montoya
21, Feb. 2020

elevator music until somebody noticed my line had picked up and came on to say hello and hang up. I'm thinking seriously about getting rid of my phone line, I hardly ever get legitimate calls anymore, and telemarketers & scammers call constantly everyday.

20, Feb. 2020

When phone is answered, no one is at the other end.

20, Feb. 2020

I am surprised that a sizeable orgnaization likde Gallup would ignore the DO NOT CALL list.

20, Feb. 2020

The first phone call was from unknown.

20, Feb. 2020

I am not the individual in question, and I have informed this company of the same.

20, Feb. 2020

The recorded message was mostly complete from the moment I picked up the phone. Claimed our business was listed on several of their directories and have not been touched in a long time. They never identified themselves and said to call us and give them all our business info. Total scammer.

20, Feb. 2020

I receive these calls multiple times every day and have repeatedly asked them to stop contacting me.

19, Feb. 2020

stated my social security number was compromised

19, Feb. 2020

online search says it is a senior care scam.

19, Feb. 2020

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