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  • Regional statistics: Seattle, Washington has a population of 569369 that is in a county of 710916 units. The city is in a county that is 2126 square miles. 206-890 is available through the regional telephone switch # TACNWADNCM5 in the Seattle area.
  • Other cities located around Seattle: Redmond (206-880) Des Moines (206-878) Kirkland (206-898)
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8, Mar. 2019

We have tried to stop these calls by trying to tell the caller to take us off your list but they hang up and continue to call most days.

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22, Feb. 2018

Tell them to QUIT CALLING.

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6, Jan. 2018

Received 12 calls in 4 days.

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7, Dec. 2017

Received multiple calls from them in short timeframe.

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10, Jan. 2014

tired of everyday calls.

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30, Jun. 2012

These people keep calling. They call constantly and won't stop even though we ask them repeatedly to stop calling.