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23, Sep. 2018

My cousin’s picture showed up on the banner last Sunday and from that date she has been getting annoying telephone calls from a guy who says he is keen in taking her out. She is also staying alone in a condo with no one close-by for quite a distance. Everyone is going to get together on Sunday to look into what has to be done to protect her from this man. She is thinking of changing her home urgently and we think it's a good decision.

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31, Jul. 2015

seems to be repeat caller, some type of security company.

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2, May. 2014

they keep calling multiple times a day, every day.

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4, Mar. 2013

this was asking for my name and address. I am suspicious of their intention.

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24, Feb. 2013

I got a text from this number. It said \"wow Carol\" I did not click on it, but I replied \"Who is this?\" I got no response. I thought it was weird they knew my name.