Area Code 205

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Area code: 205
State: Alabama
Country: USA
13, Nov. 2018

Received a text that seems to be the Loan forgiveness scam. First time I get it from this phone number.

13, Nov. 2018

"This is Tyrone and my momma told me you called her fat. Is that true? " I hung up because this is a business phone.

12, Nov. 2018

WTH? is # telephoning my mother? This chick leaves rambling messages on the mobile phone. I do not know the woman he's trying to reach.

9, Nov. 2018

How could you report this number for their behavior? Will it help to submit a complaint? All I can say is I have had it.

9, Nov. 2018

My little brother's iPhone keeps getting phone calls from this number. They are calling the wrong number. They may have to get a new phone number, but they do not want to. How can I report this place ?

7, Nov. 2018

I did not know of the methods used by companies to get someone to answer calls All this time I have been trying to explain to a machine.

7, Nov. 2018

Robo collector

6, Nov. 2018

Called at dinner time - telemarketer - Burial Insurance? Robo call and yes we are on the National do not call list. We have to moniter our phone and it is a waste of time and and not wanted? I

6, Nov. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

5, Nov. 2018

The telephone will not stop ringing, sometimes before 7 in the early morning. I tried over and over, and did get them to understand. I think they will cease phoning.

4, Nov. 2018

We received the phone call yesterday around seven. The caller was trying to get me to buy a useless piece of junk. I am a part of the do-not-call list, so the sales call is just wrong. We're going to call Lemberg Law regarding suing the caller.

4, Nov. 2018

Annoying weird call, stating that the business was trying listings in their telephone directory, and that if you did not want to get automatic calls again, to call a specific phone number. I loathe these calls!

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