Area Code 203

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Area code: 203
State: Connecticut
Country: USA
11, Feb. 2019

Indian man called and said he wanted to send a proof of an article form a newspaper that our restaurant was recently featured in. I gave him my email, and he was very fast-talking toward the end of the call. Then I asked him to repeat what he said multiple times and he hung up. Def. a scam..

9, Feb. 2019

Spammer. Report the number so the caller ID systems label it spam

8, Feb. 2019

Calling my cell phone numerous times. I just let it go to voicemail but they never leave any. Likely scammer!

7, Feb. 2019

This is actually an automated phony voice from India who's claims to be with national debt collections to drive the lives of innocent people up the wall, so they can make us miserable for no reason!

5, Feb. 2019

Agreed. "Ryan" texted me also looking for Jennifer. My husband and I played along a little... then my husband texted this: Are you familiar with "The Red Room" in 50 shades of grey? And then I called him out. Thanks guys for sharing the feedback.. it was good to know we aren't the only ones!

3, Feb. 2019


24, Jan. 2019

Sends girls to fake addresses for fun. What a jerk

23, Jan. 2019

I can guess why I am the 1st person to search this number, because the callers are spoofing the system and the numbers are just entered in the output during the call. they are only trying to find fools that still answer calls from unknown origin. So they can ply their trade of crookery, & scams

23, Jan. 2019

This number is now linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds! If it's your have been spoofed or hacked.

22, Jan. 2019

They keep calling me, i block the nuber and they just keep chanfinf it ans it is always about some BS that i know isn't true/real! . Anyone know how i can stop them entirely?

15, Jan. 2019

I did not bother answering my phone at the "bewitching" hour of was 203! I heard a women "live" leave a message on my answering machine....which is unusual.. So at times if you hold on someone will speak to you. Thankfully I did not speak with her "live" my potty remarks would have made my poor departed mother shudder..this is what these people do to "normal" human beings.

12, Jan. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

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