Area Code 202

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Area code: 202
State: District of Columbia
Country: USA
19, May. 2019

you seem to have no power to stop them, but I keep trying!?!

19, May. 2019

I was supposed to press some key to claim my $200 prize.

18, May. 2019

I can't ask a recording to stop calling me.

18, May. 2019

Harassing jackass

18, May. 2019

They called today at 1:12, 1:31, and 1:49 pm.

18, May. 2019

I told him I was on the national do not call list and he promptly hung up.

18, May. 2019

I have asked them to take me off of their call list and they continue to call.

17, May. 2019

Please do something.!

17, May. 2019

17, May. 2019

Listened to a robocall from Washington DC. Called the number back, and some woman answers... told her I was returning a call from the number, and they knew by caller ID who I was . Told me they were investigating tax evasion on my part and asked when the last time I paid taxes was. Told them every year I have worked for 35 years. She asks “how do you know that?” I said for 2 reasons: 1 is like I said I just got my refund, and 2 you are full of crap because I know for a fact the irs would notify me by mail, never by phone. They are HUGE SCAMMERS. She paused then disconnected. Scumbags.

17, May. 2019

I keep all the scam phone numbers that try to contact me. I report all these numbers to both the Fraud Dept at the magazine and also the Fraud Division in Wash DC. I will keep doing this as long as I am bothered by these calls.

17, May. 2019

I received a call saying my SSN was being expired lol Im not even deaf

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