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13, Oct. 2018

Saying my windows computer has been infected and I need to call back immediately or all of my info is at risk. They also called from 347-230-8009 with same recorded message

Maricica S
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2, Oct. 2018

A message stating I was named in a lawsuit initiated by the IRS. The message further advised me to return their call immediately otherwise a warrant would be issued for my ARREST.

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26, Jan. 2018

I have received multiple calls and have repeatedly asked them to stop calling me.

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11, Dec. 2016

I have instructed them twice not to call anymore, but to no avail.

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22, Aug. 2016

Calls leaves no message. Calls 1-2 x's weekly. Don't want to talk stop calling!

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5, Feb. 2016

we ignore all unrecognized numbers.

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25, Jan. 2016

you can email me at b(6)

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30, Dec. 2015

please investigate, thanks.

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30, Sep. 2015

Voicemail states Officer from the Federal Crime Enforcement Network has a complaint against us and threatening payment if we do not call back.

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6, Aug. 2015

At first, the caller identified themselves as being part of a rebate program with Southern California Edison, which provides my electricity.

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3, Aug. 2015

your help would great.

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13, May. 2015

caller said my loan has been approved and that need more in info.

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19, Feb. 2015

Obviously they have called again.

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12, Jan. 2015

Please shut this number down. They call me every morning!

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3, Jul. 2014

Today's call is the most recent call. I have had many calls from this number in the past, and have asked them to remove me from their list several times, with no success. I now block their calls, but they continue to call from different unblocked numbers, which I then block. They must have lots of numbers available to call from. When can I expect their calls to stop? thank you.

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7, May. 2014

I told them that I was not interested in whatever they were selling & to take me off their call list.

Consumer Protection
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18, Apr. 2014

These criminals operate the worst robocaller in the country. The core problem is that Verizon -- paid much more by tekemarketers than by homeowners -- refuses to offer its customers the readily available call-blocking technology. The solution is to dump the Verizon landline while exercising your legal right to transport your home number to another carrier. Home phones operating on cellular networks or on VoIP are highly reliable, cost a lot less than Verizon, and allow call blocking.

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31, Mar. 2014

Don't bother with the 'do not call' nonsense....these scammers pay absolutely no attention to that.

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25, Jun. 2013

This person has contacted me to purchase an item on craiglist in Northern Wisconsin. She will not call me but only emails. I believe this is a scammer.

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9, May. 2013

There was no one on the other end of the line for me to tell them not to call here any longer.

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25, Apr. 2013

This number calls me on a regular basis. I asked them to stop; however, they continue to call me. I have spoken to my friends and family who also say they receive the same unsolicited calls from that number even though they are also on the DNC Registry.

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30, Nov. 2012

They call several times a day. Let answering system answer and they do not talk. I answered once and told them I am on the DO NOT CALL List and to remove me from their list. Is there really a DO NOT CALL LIST?? If so why don't you stop these calls????????????