New Clearing House Scam Comes With a Twist

“Oh my God, the man was extremely deceiving!” These were the words of a Colorado woman who received a scam call last Thursday. The woman reported a call she got to the Colorado Springs Police Department from a certain James Smith of the Publisher’s Clearing House. The phone number was 516-833-3593 and in her report, [...]

FTC Files Charges Against Bogus Debt Collectors

U.S court has put a freeze on a telemarketing operation which is said to be responsible for extracting over 5 million dollars in fake debt collection fees. FTC filed charges against 3 defendants, In-Arabia Solutions, Broadway Global Master Inc and Kirit Patel, and put a request to immediately halt their operations or “irreparable harm will [...]

Canadian Supreme Court Rules a Wiretap Power Unconstitutional

Supreme court of Canada Supreme court of Canada ruled that wiretapping power under the provision 184.4 is unconstitutional. It allowed Police to wiretap lines without a warrant or notifying a judge. The provision was to be used in emergency situations, but was deemed as too vague and open to abuse by organizations such as “BC [...]

Smart cellphones Yes, but how about Smart Payphones?

Mockup It may seem like payphones are slowly going extinct (especially in rural areas of the united states), but in their last defying feat Payphones could make a grand comeback. A company called City24/7 is building Payphones which will display regional information such as bus schedules, local maps, events and more. Surprisingly the pilot is [...]

Some Nebraska Cities May See Pay Phone Extinction

Payphone hole The only Payphone in Chambers NB made less than 4$ of revenu in 2011, which may spark a debate between the telephone company and the Public Service Commission about the future of Payphones in the small rural town. Chambers is a tiny city of just over 250 people, most of whom own a [...]

Scam Charges Victims 2 Thousand Dollars a Minute

Pocatello police is warning citizens not to call back 809 area code numbers because it may result in charges of over 2000$ per minute. This unusual scam charges victims’ phone bills same way as a North American 900 number, but because it is outside of United States and Canada the victims do not hear the [...]

Canadian Do Not Call list may shut down

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) latest financial report shows that Canadian Do Not Call registry may run out of money by the end of March 2012 and get shut down. The report shows a troubling trend in which the program gets funded on a year to year basis with no long-term commitments from the [...]

Verizon and AT&T Agreed to Stop Phone Cramming

On Wednesday Senator Jay Rockfeller announced that Verizon and AT&T agreed to stop illegal cramming of phone bills, a practice which cost consumers 10 billion dollars in charges over the past 5 years. The decision came after 15 years of consumer complaints and investigations by MSNBC, FCC, the Senate and a class action lawsuit against [...]

Scammer Claims to be Calling From 911 Services

A new scam has been reported by multiple Sheriff department across the United States. It involves a caller who claims to be calling from 911 department asking for money or personal information in order to register the victims telephone line with the emergency services. The caller also hints that if the phone number is not [...]

Japanese voice recognition system detects phone scams with 90% accuracy

Sophisticated voice recognition technology is being developed in Japan’s Nagoya university in collaboration with Fujitsu. It’s able to detect phone scams by analyzing the frequency and keywords used in the conversation. It comes as part of the research area called “Modelling and Detecting Overtrust from Behaviour Signals”, research area which is part of the larger [...]