Disk Drill Disk Recovery – Scam Like Software

This is not a phone scam, but in my opinion it definitely falls in the category of consumer rip off.

Recently I mistakenly deleted footage from my Flash drive and tried to recover it using software called “Disk Drill” by cleverfiles.

The only reason I paid the whooping 89$ is because the trial version of Disk Drill showed me all of the files it could “recover.”

Disk Drill did recover the files, but none of them worked. It was all a bunch of junk. So essentially their “Try before you buy” policy is more like “Buy and then hope it works”.

None of the files conserved their original names, but the worst part is that none of them would open up. I tried re-installing the software, re-doing the recovery but literally NONE of the files worked. I worked the software as much as I could (having a software engineering degree I tried quite a bit of things).

I promptly sent them an email requesting a refund and awaited a reply.

I run a site that fights scams, so expected them to do at least one of the following:

- Ask for a copy of a recovered file to see what went wrong
- Suggest a workaround or another solution
- Ask for some type of software logs to see how the software did it’s job

I got none of the above.

Some guy named JR (guessing it’s Junior without a last name), replied and just referred me to his “refund policy” and ended the email with a “Meanwhile, we have to decline your refund request”. The fact that full name wasn’t used is kind of telling.

Guess JR was too busy to write “sorry” or “thank you” not to mention anything specific within the refund policy that I should read.

Now imagine this in real life…

You walk into a store, tell the clerk that his product is broken and in response he just points the finger at the “No Refund” sign and walks away.

Even Cleverfile’s payment processors known as Cleverbridge had more common courtesy.

I’m filing a Paypal dispute and think that it’s a complete scam. They promise to recover files, but the files don’t work. I think it goes without saying that you expect the files to work when they promise to recover them.

By the way, when I wrote to the JR character that I’ll be filing a Paypal dispute and writing about this on a blog he retorted with a one liner: “Don’t forget to mention you chose to ignore the refund policy”. Another example of stellar customer service by “Drill Disk” crew.

So what about the refund policy?

Here is the link that he pointed to “http://help.cleverfiles.com/terms-of-sale/” and the “Try before you buy” doesn’t let me try to see if the files will work. It’s more like “Try to see what files we’ll be attempting to recover, which may actually be complete trash”… A real “try before you buy” would be to let me try to recover 1 file to see if it actually works.

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