Area Code 985

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Area code: 985
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
14, Aug. 2018

I have not entered any contest.

14, Aug. 2018

I ma getting some scam phone calls and therats that they are contacting my employer about a chack I wrote ( I do not owe any check or money to anyone.

13, Aug. 2018


13, Aug. 2018

The call preys on fear and insecurity of the 65+ by raising the spectre of home invasion and trying to sell a protection service.

10, Aug. 2018

this number calls me ten times a day. It starts at 7am and doesnt stop till 8-9pm.

8, Aug. 2018

I don't answer and they do not leave a message.

5, Aug. 2018

I just got a text saying "Your Uber code: **** If this wasn’t you Reply STOP to unsubscribe." But I have never used Uber ever. And had this number for almost 12 years... Unsure if I should reply "STOP" or not.....

5, Aug. 2018

I have told many of these collect services that the person (Henry Hodges) is not and has not had this number in the last 20 years that I have had the number.

4, Aug. 2018

I told him we are on a Do Not Call Registry but he kept on pitching.

3, Aug. 2018

My number is on Do Not Call List.

2, Aug. 2018

This guy needs to get a real Job.

1, Aug. 2018

This morning I got 9 mobile calls from a random mobile number. The individual who was calling was not clear at all and I had no clue what he was trying to tell me. Finally, I raised my voice and asked why he calls when I cant understand what he is trying to inquire and the mobile calls are a waste of money and then he goes all blank. I tried to check with the caller about the recording and strangely from the other end I heard a series of giggles and then the line went dead.

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