Area Code 985

Additional information:

Area code: 985
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
18, Nov. 2017

This is the second time in two days.

17, Nov. 2017

you cannot ask them to stop without going through their 15 minute poll

17, Nov. 2017

Recorded message so can't tell them to stop

16, Nov. 2017

He laughed at me and said ' are going to fine me eh?' They have no fear or respect for the do not call registry. Maybe if you fine the crap out of them.

William Harvey
16, Nov. 2017

1. "Bogus/Scam/Annoyance" Call-Non-Personally Answered (Auto) Answered/Recorded from Telephone Number:1-985-635-4267 2. Caller I.D. shows Call from:"Unknown Name". 3. Call Received/Recorded On Date-Time:11/15/2017 7:33PM MST. 4. Recorded Information Retrieved on Date-Time:11/15/2017 8:35PM MST-Annoyance Only NO Message Left. 5. Internet Number Lookup Shows as:"Fake Charity Scammers Using 985-635-4367. _________________ Landline Telephone Call to my 303 Number: The Typical "Annoyance Call" HOPING for a LIVE Person to Answer and SCAM, which was ACTUALLY NOT Personally Answered by ME, but AUTOMATICALLY Answered by my "Silent NO Audible Ring" Telephone System, with my Recorded Name and Telephone Number, with the caller's Message Recorded/Saved, and then Retrieved LATER at MY Convenience. _________________

15, Nov. 2017

received unsolicited call at 10:11 am EST on 11/15/2017. Did not answer and added to blocked call list

14, Nov. 2017

No one responds, when we answer.

14, Nov. 2017

this one is to give me 3000 dollars and medical assistance calls.

13, Nov. 2017

Have tried answering the phone to ask this company to not call back & no one will ever respond.

13, Nov. 2017

They have called on the following days: 11/20/2013, 10:22am 12/30/2013, 3:35pm 12/31/2013, 9:19am 1/2/2014, 2:43pm 1/3/2014, 8:4aam.

12, Nov. 2017

Says she has options for me an can guarantee a decent night out with great package pricing

12, Nov. 2017

Now they are calling , they have to be telemarketer and I have ordered nothing from them and owe them nothing.

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