Phone: 985-635-4267

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Mandeville, Louisiana
Its exchange 635 is managed by AT&T - LOCAL - LA
The number is currently on switch number NWORLAMADS2 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
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2, Apr. 2013

Wanting a $100.00 contribution to send bible to service people who ar risking their lives for me. ( not sure about the acact group name --- but it was a "bible provider" by some such a name as Amer. Bible Soc.

5, May. 2013

10, May. 2013

Caller said she was raising funds for the Republican Nat'l Committee, asked for a $200 donation, worked her way down to $20. Sorry, don't know if it's legit or not. Asked some political questions, obviously reading from a card. Didn't get her name. A trace of number shows Louisiana, but she had no Louisiana accent at all.

25, Aug. 2013

Called but left no message. I do not answer strange numbers.

27, Aug. 2013

3, Oct. 2013

Didn't answer, but checked out American Bible Society. They are apparently a legit charity located in New York. Whoever this is, they are clearly scamming.

4, Nov. 2013

I do not pick-up out of area phone calls.

17, Nov. 2013

Called but left no message. I do not answer strange numbers. 3 Oct 2013 1156 hrs

20, Nov. 2013

They've been calling daily for the past few weeks. I don't answer and they don't leave a message when the machine answers.

20, Nov. 2013

Said they were Catholic Charities collecting for victims in the Philippines Based on other comments above this sounds like a scam. Never donate over the phone!

21, Nov. 2013

Called my cell phone twice yesterday. I did not answer and they did not leave a message. Charities usually get only 10% from the professional charity telemarketing companies. Never give over the phone, the telemarketer keeps 90% for themselves.

23, Jan. 2014

Caller said she was Republican Nat'l Committee. She asked for Mr. & Mrs. LASTNAME I said we weren't home pretending be the nanny and she said she will call again.

1, Feb. 2014

we got a call from this number but didn\\\\\\\'t pick up and they didn\\\\\\\'t leave a message.

12, Mar. 2014

Well, is it the American Bible Society or the RNC? Can't be both. Gotta be a scam.

29, Apr. 2014

I don't answer a number I don't recognize. Too many scammers out there.

31, May. 2014

Fundraising call center. Fundraising calls are apparently exempt from the national do not call list, however, if you answer a call from this number, or call them back, you can be put on their do not call list.

18, Sep. 2014

I didn't pick up and they left no message. It is NOT Amer. Bible Society; I know they do not do that. Scammer is using a legit charity or org like the RNC to get your money. Do not give them any info.

20, Sep. 2014

Did not pick-up, no message left. I do not pick-up phone for unknown numbers.

I check'em out!
21, Jan. 2016

Caller ID shows "Unavailable" Did not leave a message. We do not answer "Unavailable" Also, we are on the Do Not Call list.

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