Area Code 980

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Area code: 980
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
25, Apr. 2018

in three days I've received 14 calls from this number. Not sure how my cell number was obtained as I don't give it out.?

24, Apr. 2018

I am also getting calls from Unknown number.

24, Apr. 2018

In previous 6 months that we have never got response from you so it has been considered as an intentional fraud and law suit has been filed under your name by the United States government. You may call our department number on 980-355-5369. I repeat it's 930-355-5369.. Thank you.

23, Apr. 2018

It is getting ridiculous.

23, Apr. 2018

This was a recorded message never a live person.

21, Apr. 2018

I Then proceeded to hang up each time they called or allowed it to go to voicemail.

20, Apr. 2018

(similar to my #) I have tried everything.sometimes I hang up immediately or press 3 to opt out OR speak to rep and ask them to take my # off their call list.

19, Apr. 2018

I keep getting calls from this number asking for the former person that had my number.

18, Apr. 2018

I talked to a foreigner Friday when I picked the phone up and I told him not to call me any more or I would report him.

18, Apr. 2018

They call nearly every day, sometimes many times a day

18, Apr. 2018

I received another call to my registered dnc telephone number on 12/28/13 at 12.30p from 4807259289 identified as unavailable.

17, Apr. 2018

In the month of May I received 7 call from this number and repeatedly asked them to stop calling without any success.

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