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12, May. 2017

100% SPAM !

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11, Apr. 2017

Thouroughly explained that the cable company gave us this number in September 2012.

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27, Jan. 2017

The call did not go through.

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23, Jan. 2017

Utility company scam.

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11, Jan. 2017

Some company selling "reduced rate" mortgages. I don't even have a mortgage.

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16, Dec. 2016

This number always calls me at almost the same time everyday. And on some occasions it calls me more than once a day it is really annoying omg

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18, Nov. 2016

Could not ID the caller online through free services.

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26, Sep. 2015

This is another company that just won't stop calling, even after being asked to STOP CALLING several times.

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13, Nov. 2014

This was a security company trying to sell home security system which was not requested.

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2, Aug. 2014

calls four to five time a day already 3 call today so far. blocking number does not work have called at almost 10 some nights. asks if this (my) number belongs to a Verizon customer.

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10, Apr. 2014

Scamers keep calling me

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5, Apr. 2014

Very annoying and calls everyday - and sometimes twice a day... I can't get it to stop .. I have asked to be removed and have tried to call back and they hang up. I work with a Legal company and said I am going to report to my attorney. They still keep calling !!!!!

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27, Mar. 2014

When you try to call the number back they want me to key my 10 digit number in to prevent my number for any future annoying phone calls. Can't you stop these people? They have gone from calling my home to my cell phone now!

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4, Feb. 2014

I suspect this is a telemarketer. Let the call go to voice mail but no message is left. This is not the first call from this number. I am on the National Do Not call list. They are calling my landline.

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4, Oct. 2013

Alex left a message on my voicemail, for the manager of Michael ?Harness? regarding a claim. Tried to call Alex back at that number to let him know he has the wrong phone number & no one is this company has that name......but all I get is a busy tone......How unfortunate for Alex..& Micheal.

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7, Aug. 2013

W T F! This is call #5 today!!!!! You guys asleep at the switch? This DNC List crap ain't working! WAKE T F UP!

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4, Nov. 2012

They also use automated dialers that hang up on you if you answer.

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22, Aug. 2012

I listed this one as a collection agency just from prior posts. They usually call right after 8 AM or sometimes as late as 10 PM and never leave a message. Don't guess they want to talk with me too bad or they'd at the very least leave a message.

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21, Aug. 2012

They keep calling. They block caller ID too, so to deceive people who it is.

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7, Aug. 2012

They call several times a night and do not leave a message.

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7, Aug. 2012

These people call every day. It. driving me crazy! Thanks.

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18, Jul. 2012

They call everyday looking for a "johnathan".

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8, Mar. 2012

They call several times/week and leave no message.