Area Code 973

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Area code: 973
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
21, Jun. 2017

Supposedly someone at my number called about back or knee pain....continue if you're interested in a back or knee brace. I don't think so.

21, Jun. 2017

Who is calling me?

16, Jun. 2017

SCAM ALERT BEWARE: CRIMINALS - take your pick electric, police DONATION - Received unsolicited call. Criminals looking for gullible victims. Old scam to get personal information and Credit Card info. Caller: CRIMINALS

16, Jun. 2017

Same here - Called with no answer & no message. Will also post on the complaints for Do Not Call register.

15, Jun. 2017

call at least 3 times a day. Have disconnected my answering mx so none of these savages can leave a message. They call early in the morning just to wake me up. thoroughly annoying

13, Jun. 2017

Received call from heavily-accented "Dave Brown" claiming to be from EMCARE, regarding a bill for emergency room services. The bill was already paid but the caller could not immediately give me the amount he was calling about - first red flag. He proceeded to verify four telephone numbers he had on file for me, only one of which was actually my number, the same he had reached me on. Gave me a number to call customer service to confirm that my payment had been recorded. It matched the information I had on the letter I received from the emergency care provider. Before I even stated why I was calling, the service rep said "The bill has a zero balance, How may I help you?" She said she never heard of EMCARE and did not know why they would be calling me about any bill. I don't know how "Mr. Brown" got a hold of so much information that made him seem legit but clearly something was not right with that call. Never volunteer any information - can't be too careful!

9, Jun. 2017

Hey jerk off you ever think the current administration is to blame. Or maybe there are companies with whom you made a purchase with are sharing your number? Dip shit

7, Jun. 2017

I have received 6 calls from this number at all hours of the day and night and the message they leave is in spanish. How do I block these calls?

7, Jun. 2017

quidsi is a diaper seller sub of amazon they wanted to sell a 70 year OLD DIAPERS

2, Jun. 2017

Received acall; no message was left. Blocked.

1, Jun. 2017

No message. Probably one of the usual suspects of junk calls that I get on cell and landline every day.

1, Jun. 2017

They were trying to offer me some health screening or medical something.

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