Area Code 973

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Area code: 973
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
23, Apr. 2017

It is disturbing, possibly elder abuse (we are in our mid-eighties).

23, Apr. 2017

Listened to my recording then hung up.

Jorge Pablito Cavaciuti
22, Apr. 2017

I got a call and didn't recognize the number but I picked up out of curiosity. It was an old man, he said hello a few times as if he couldn't hear me so I responded with a loud "YES, I'M HERE" to finally get him to continue talking. He was kind of fumbling around, not speaking to clear with a lot of um's in there as if he was trying to read something. I asked if he could stop for a second, regroup, and tell me what the call was about because I didn't want to have my time wasted. He stopped talking and said he wanted to be completely honest, that he hated his job and wanted to get things off his chest and asked if I would listen to him for a few minutes. I truly did feel bad for him so I agreed. He was telling me how he was a war veteran, had a good life, worked for a long time, then suddenly his company closed down a few years before he could retire. That's when he ended up with whatever phone spam company and hated how people would hang up on him or insult him. After all of this, there was an awkward pause so I said "Sir, are you still there?" and all I could hear at that point was a weird grunting sound. He responded by saying that he couldn't fight the urges and started to massage his soft penis. I was shocked and was about to hang up but still, was curious. He asked if I wouldn't mind staying on the line until he got an erection by stroking himself but I still didn't respond. I was still in shock but got turned on by this old man's passion. He proceeded to grunt and moan, say how hard he wanted to bang a woman etc. and then noticed how erect I, myself, was. I then unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and started to stroke myself. I was going pretty fast too because I was very turned on. He started to yell "almost there, almost there, grunt, I'm almost.....long moaning........" and as I let out a sigh of relief after ejaculating, he told me that he finished. He said that he never actually became erect and that he blew a load anyway because he was so aroused. I thanked him for his call and really do wish that we can talk again :)

22, Apr. 2017

they call 7 days a week til 9pm.

22, Apr. 2017

I called the number back it says "To be connected to next available agent please press one, to be removed permanently from our call list, please press 2"......I pressed 2 and it just disconnects you. I called back and pressed disconnects you. So, no way to speak to a human OR remove your number.

21, Apr. 2017

They called and it sounded like they had pocket dialed me. Muffled female voice then they hung up.

20, Apr. 2017

the call was at 3:26 PM

20, Apr. 2017

It has gotten much worse the past 12 months.

18, Apr. 2017

All three calls have been in the last month.

18, Apr. 2017

I have not entered any contests to win a cruise or any other prize.

Emily Edwards
18, Apr. 2017

I have also reported this number to FTC even twice since 3 days ago, but I still get calls from this number. They also never left any message. I'm pretty sure it was scammer or illegal telemarketer, because I'm on the DNC list, so legal company may not call me like this.

17, Apr. 2017

Does this number really belong to the collection agency? I have no idea why a debt collector tried to call me...

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