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5, Mar. 2018

this company needs to pay me the fine for wasting my time, under that act.

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23, Nov. 2017

This type of scammer posts a fake add and then hopes someone responds then they spam the person who responds forever!!!! Don't respond!!! Always flag as spam!!!!!

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30, Sep. 2016

The call was to my cell phone, which is not given to any retailer.

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25, Mar. 2016

I cannot call to tell them to stop calling me.

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15, Sep. 2015

Calls me at 9:30 am and 5 pm every day. I finally picked it up and didn't say anything. A woman with broken English said, "Hello, Hello?" And then hung up.

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29, May. 2015

Called me 6 times between 1am and 5am. I kept waking up after the ringing stopped. Then called me twice again tonight

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30, Apr. 2015

They have been calling me for YEARS.

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17, Apr. 2015

November 1,2013.813-883-3021 Thursday, October 31,2013 .503-715-1440

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18, Mar. 2015

another number that has been calling and soliciting our home.

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14, Feb. 2015

My phone is ringing off the hook with solicitation calls.

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12, Jun. 2014

This type of call is being common and is not being enforced. Gov never tells if it was enforced, so I presume "do not call" has gone away as so many good efforts have.

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25, Feb. 2014

This number calls several times a day and when I call it back it says this number is disconnected.

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4, Oct. 2013

Keep calling from this and 0588 and never leave messages. Annoying.

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2, Oct. 2013

Called looking to speak to my elderly mother. Indian woman who spoke with broken English refused to give information on the nature of the call. I have POA which they wanted me to fax to them without giving me any info on who they are. I refused.

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23, Sep. 2013

They call constantly, but I never answer. Please make them stop.

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14, Nov. 2012

They call several times a day. Never a message. I tried calling them to see who it was and was told the number was not available in my area. We only answer callers who identify themselves or who we know. I fear a scam. I am ready to change my phone number. This caller is only identified as caller's name unknown. Help!

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12, Oct. 2012

These calls come almost every other day at the same time. The caller asks for Bridgett and tells me not to hang up, which I do. Frequently the call number is blocked, but today I got it!

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31, Aug. 2012

They call every day on my cell & it is a recorded message!

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10, Aug. 2012

They call frequently and always ask for a foreign name individual. I've repeatedly requested that they remove my number but the calls persist.

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9, Aug. 2012

They call everday. I spoke with a person and asked them to remove my number. Then they hung up on me and I'm still getting phone calls from them.