Area Code 972

Additional information:

Area code: 972
State: Texas
Country: USA
30, Mar. 2017

Another "hang up" call from this number.

Wayne Smith
29, Mar. 2017

My CID also showed LAFARGEHOLCIM. I think they were some people who wanted to scam people by pretending to be a big company. Beware of them, folks! Thanks for your report, Leon. I have just reported this number to FTC. Let the authority do their jobs.

Gail Cummings
29, Mar. 2017

Well, we know it's not you. I think this number was used by scammer to call people. Most people thought it was really from Juergen Dorian. These scammers need to be arrested and jailed for the rest of their life!

29, Mar. 2017

This robocall didn't even say anything.

29, Mar. 2017

They call multiple times EVERY day from multiple long distance phone numbers even after asking them several times to stop.

28, Mar. 2017

Immediately hung up.

28, Mar. 2017

Today there was actually a person on the other end which is usually a robocall.

28, Mar. 2017

They claim they can call anytime day or night and are not required to stop calling bc they are EXEMPT.

27, Mar. 2017

Yea what they ditto on the previous

27, Mar. 2017

I received a mesage sayign that I have a returned item from a bank and they need me to call immediately.

27, Mar. 2017

I would like this to stop.

27, Mar. 2017

Credit card scammer, calls gives card number then asks to deposit cash in his "drivers" account. Then offers tips and more money more card numbers, different accounts he wants you to deposit to for his "driver. also uses 662-235-2416, 323-364-2902, 346-800-3836, says he's a friend of original guy, gives same pitch in incorrect grammar texts. does "???" a lot.

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