Area Code 972

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Area code: 972
State: Texas
Country: USA
23, Jun. 2017

Someone from this number keeps harassing us. We are on the DNC LIST

22, Jun. 2017

Same experience except they called asking for my fiancé. I refused to hand over the call until they explained who they were. All they would tell me was they work for "GateStone" or "Gayston" and that it was a personal matter that could only be discussed with him. I asked what type of business their company did and all she would say is it's personal so since we're not legally married she wouldn't discuss it and asked if this was not a good number.... I told her obviously I can get him for you but not until she told me what type of business her company does... she refused and we hung up.

20, Jun. 2017

Called at 11:49P on a Monday. Called 12 times in a few days.

12, Jun. 2017

Calling for weeks. Always change last 4 numbers. 9326 9328 9306 9337 9331 9381

Thomas Wiggin
8, Jun. 2017

I want to know who called me with 972-624-8162

1, Jun. 2017

A second call just before midnight.

1, Jun. 2017

I have also requested to be removed from their list.

31, May. 2017

I never answer the call and they never leave a message.

31, May. 2017

We have had a total of about 10 calls over the last couple of days, very annoying!

30, May. 2017

To get to human I pressed one for travel agent.

29, May. 2017

This company has several different numbers and continues to call my place of employment.

29, May. 2017

super annoying as we get at least 10 recorded calls per day.

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