Phone: 972-378-3660

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Plano, Texas
Its exchange 378 is managed by GTE-SW DBA VERIZON SW INC. - T
The number is currently on switch number PLANTXXDDS1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 26% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 34 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Anonymous, Capital One"
Ursula T. Warren
23, Oct. 2011

Capitol One has been calling our house looking for Dianne. well, she's the previous owner and I'm afraid she owed money to the bank. now, they're calling me everyday, to the point of harassment. is there something i can do about that? I've checked with an attorney and i was told that there's nothing else i can do except contact Capitol One and update them with Dianne's contact information. but i don't know where dianne is.

23, Oct. 2011

i got a call like that, too. 5 missed calls already and they don't seem to tire ringing my house. when they called again yesterday, i answered, :Hello, Calhoun Police Department, how can i help you?" the person on the other line hung up and never called me back again.

Shelby A. Cramer
23, Oct. 2011

these a******s do not have respect! i told them I'll pay after a week and made arrangements with the supervisor already and they're still bugging me!

6, Feb. 2012

This is Capital One Auto Finance (sort of) This is (Generally) not a collection call It is them trying to get you to schedule your payments using an automatic debit from your checking or savings account. You can set it up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or twice a month based on your paycheck schedule. This is to keep your payments up to date & on-time Not sure why everyone is all up in arms about receiving this call, just set it up or tell them you would rather mail it in.. Pretty simple 5 minute phone call..

Administrator of
6, Feb. 2012

people are unhappy because they call for someone that doesn't live at the phone number they call. Because they call too often. Because they call even after arrangements have been made.

6, Feb. 2012

This number calls me anywhere from 1 to 5 times a day, averaging 3 times daily EVERY. DAY. They never leave a voice message. It is SO obnoxious to call so frequently and tirelessly and not even leave a vm letting me know who the caller is and what they want. I financed a car thru capital one auto finance 2 weeks ago, they've already sent me 2 statements for my first bill which is due in 15 days, and I'm ready to freak out on someone over this. The next time they call, I'm answering and I'm letting them know how inappropriate and ridiculous this is. All these calls to set up autopay!?

4, Jun. 2012

I have no business with capital one, yet I receive a call from this number claiming to be them up to five times a day. This is getting ridiculous.

9, Jun. 2012

Yes - they are financing my car, which was approved only 2-3 weeks ago. They've called about 15 times and leave a 2 second message of dead air. I, too, have already received a notification of when my payments are due and that I am able to set up autopayments, etc. So, this is--this daily, constant calling is extremely annoying and nerve-wrecking. Who does that? AND not leave a message of any kind? Poor public relations, guys. Piss poor.

22, Jun. 2012

These people are calling me about a credit card my mother had almost 6 years ago. My mother passed away this past February. I have told them this and they still keep trying to pressure me in to paying her old debt. I dont know what else to do! They blow up my phone constantly all day.

31, Jul. 2012

It's suppose to be a curticy call from Capital One Auto Finance but if they'd lv a mess maybe I'll call them back. 4 calls with no mess. so I'll just block them or answer it next time.

13, Aug. 2012

Never leaves a message. Calls all the time every day. So annoying.

29, Sep. 2012

Constant calls on my new cell phone which I use for emergencies only. No way i could have given them the number. CONSTANT calls which I ignore.

3, Oct. 2012

I too only have cell phone for emergencies...only 6 people have the number....but I get calls several times a day from that number. Have no business with that company.

Pissed Off
21, Nov. 2012

Stupid people call me and I don't have a car payment its my sister!

12, Jan. 2013

I just got my cell phone with only 125 min a month. I think they are trying to use up my min.

30, Jan. 2013

When I answer, I get a click and they are gone.

Stop calling me
7, Feb. 2013

I never borrow money from them I do not have anything with them. But they call med once in a while. I am just afraid they might make some fraudulent things if I just answer them. I wish there is s law to prevent this kind of call.

17, Apr. 2013

I just bought a car 2 weeks back and was notified that I would be receiving a call from them to verify simple info, like address, work address, etc. So they did this yesterday, i answered their questions. The lady on the phone asked me to set up automatic debit for my payment, which I dont do with anything. I do not feel comfortable giving my account number for this reason because a I had a previous issue where they were taking out more than they should etc. etc. So I do not do this now, i mail everything in by check. So i get a call from this number today, Im assuming they want to set up an auto debit. Its really annoying especially when i told her yesterday that i do not pay my bills that way. I have read a lot of negative things about capital auto financing when it comes to this matter. I hope they don't make it a habit of calling everyday, or someone on the other end of the line is going to get their feelings hurt.

25, Jun. 2013

Started getting calls 3 or 4 days ago from this number, looking for someone I never heard of, tried to call back and got a recording, can't give them an account # don't have an account, them the computer hangs up on you. I just blocked the number

7, Aug. 2013

I have been receiving calls from this number daily for over a year now. I've tried answering and they always hang up. I assume they are trying to contact the previous owner of this phone number, because I've got more calls from other places looking for the same exact person.

10, Sep. 2013

leaves a call back number of 877-945-4595. No additional information is provided, just stating we look forward to speaking with you.

17, Oct. 2013

omg!!! i just moved in my new place and started new phone service. They have been constanly calling since the phone been hooked up. They just called a little while ago. When i told them that this Robinson lady doesn't live here he said " i really don't believe u but thank you" Omg really. Im so tired of the harassment.

18, Oct. 2013

Robo call, with hang-up. I have no business with these people, and knowing their phone habits, will now never do business with Capitol One again. These robo-calls are illegal. Report them at

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