Phone: 972-210-2555

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Terrell, Texas
Its exchange 210 is managed by ICG CHOICE COM, L.P. - TX
The number is currently on switch number DLLSTXHWDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 22% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 9 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "anonymous, David"
24, Jun. 2013

Who are these people and where do they get an unlisted telephone number from?

23, Jul. 2013

machine says "you have reached david with p p g"

31, Jul. 2013

Didnt call back but these people are calling daily.

15, Aug. 2013

They just keep calling and calling--how do these people stay in business--I don't know anyone who would give them anybusiness

6, Sep. 2013

machine says \\\"you have reached david with p p g\\\" but there are not taken the number of there list!

Norma Lee
18, Sep. 2013

Just got a call from this number today 9-18-2013 I don\'t know who it is or why they called.

14, Nov. 2013

Recorded voice asks us to "accept", since we do not know what we are accepting we hang up. Multiple calls received on multiple days. Sounds like a scam!

14, Nov. 2013

This person called my work several months ago. When I finally spoke with him, he told me that he was a collection agent and that I owed $ from something and that if I din't pay by the following business day that it would be reported and that my license would be suspendd and a warrant put out for my arrest. He was a JERK and very convincing, too. I ended up hanging up and calling the police department. They assured me it was a scam; that you can't have your license suspended for a bad debt. He just called again today.

9, Dec. 2013

These people call our law firm so often. It comes up 'Terrell TX'. He is usually talking before I even pick up the phone. Every time it's 'Hello?!? Hello!?!' I generally pick up in the middle of the 1st hello. After which he says something along the line of 'Nevermind, forget it'. I have no idea what it is? I called it back & the voice message sounds like the person who called 'David'. They're rude & annoying. Will add to my do not pick up post it next to my phone.

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