Area Code 971

Additional information:

Area code: 971
State: Oregon
Country: USA
23, Nov. 2017

They called also on 05/29/2015 a@ 06:20pm

23, Nov. 2017

I have pushed the button and asked them to remove my number.all to no avail.

23, Nov. 2017

Automated call about our supposed credit card account.

22, Nov. 2017

According to 800notes this is a scammer who is trying to get credit card information.

22, Nov. 2017

State troop calls us all day long looking for money!

22, Nov. 2017

First asked for Mr. Crumple about credit and travel credits, when I informed them that he was not available and that I was not his wife, they attemped to question me about travel credits and where I would like to go because they were "in my account", I inquired how they could be in my account if they did not know who I was or my name. At that point the woman caught an attitude and hung up. They have continuously called prior from different numbers after I informed them that we were on the D.N.C. list and I would report them, and now recently have changed to local area codes when calling.

22, Nov. 2017

The caller identified himself as Danny Martin.

21, Nov. 2017

This number is linked to a known craigslist scammer trolling for contacts to spam/scam!!!

21, Nov. 2017

I do not want any more calls from them and told them so.

21, Nov. 2017

Several calls per day

21, Nov. 2017

This has been going on for almost a YEAR!

21, Nov. 2017

I will report each number separately.

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