Area Code 971

Additional information:

Area code: 971
State: Oregon
Country: USA
30, Jun. 2016

No options given to be removed from the calling list.

30, Jun. 2016

I am regularly getting unwanted calls.

30, Jun. 2016

they call all day and night as well as i have asked them to stop calling

29, Jun. 2016

Caller hung up when I asked him to repeat the name of his company.

28, Jun. 2016

Carmen" from cardholder services calls everyday around 10:00am EST, I have asked to be removed from their list, there has only been one person who actually listened and said my number was removed. The call starts as a recorded voice then you can transfer to a live person They continue to call and when I ask to be removed they either hang up on me or have a rude remark.

28, Jun. 2016

I called my local police and they said to report this since I am on the do not call registry and have been receiving at least 4 scam phone calls a day on both my cell phone and home phone #

27, Jun. 2016

Once at 10:33am and then twice at 10:34am.

27, Jun. 2016

The car dealer submitted my information to Sirius for a trial.

26, Jun. 2016

This company also called 10/31 at 1:52 pm and 11/4 at 10:35am.

26, Jun. 2016

company uses fraudulent loan tactics to trick people into getting a loan with them.

24, Jun. 2016

This company has been calling my phone every day, and though I've told them to stop that I'm not the person they are colling for, they still calling.

24, Jun. 2016

Called our place of business -- Recording answered & said something about google update.

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