Area Code 970

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Area code: 970
State: Colorado
Country: USA
19, Nov. 2017

After that point, I was called every 20 to 30 minutes for the remainder of the day on 5/31 for a total of 15 times.

19, Nov. 2017

I do not have a credit card nor have I ever done business with them

19, Nov. 2017

Well it's me again I've gotten 3 Do Not Calls today so far and probably will get 3 or 4 more before the end of the day if you care at all.

رجب محمود رضوان عثمان
18, Nov. 2017

حتى الان لم يتم تركيب التليفون الارضى

18, Nov. 2017

Not sure if recorded message or live.

18, Nov. 2017

A terrible thing happened to my son. He was totally intimidated by these people. Even left in the middle of a class presentation and called into work to go home and wait for "someone from the IRS" to come see him about Target gift card purchase he was supposed to give to this person. When, in fact, they had already taken the Target gift card number from him over the phone and sucked it dry. Because he didn't call me first or was aware of this scam, he totally got took for $700. I am so angry! This happened to me a couple of years ago but I didn't buy into it because the person on the other end had an Indian accent and gave a totally American name like James Brown. People, make sure you hang up on these people. They will threaten you with taking you to jail within the hour if you don't pay up!

17, Nov. 2017

these idiots keep calling- please do something about it

17, Nov. 2017

Recorded call starts off with the FBI reports a house is broken into every.

16, Nov. 2017

calling every two minutes between 9:33 and 9:39.

16, Nov. 2017

Would not tell my what they were calling about. Hung up when I asked again.

15, Nov. 2017

Called twice

15, Nov. 2017

I am tired of receiving calls from this number.

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