Area Code 970

Additional information:

Area code: 970
State: Colorado
Country: USA
29, Mar. 2017

Go after these jerks please!

29, Mar. 2017

I knew it was a soliciting call as you can hear all the voices of others in the background.

28, Mar. 2017

This is one of 3 numbers I have on my cell as missed calls. MY phone says the number is from Greeley, CO. I didn't call the number back because they didn't leave a message and my phone never rang when the call came in. I thought that was suspicious. The same for the other 2 numbers. One from Centreville, MS and the other from Gridley, CA. No message and the phone never rang. Hm.

28, Mar. 2017

I asked why and she said because they're a financing company.

27, Mar. 2017

I asked for a callback number and they gave me the 646 915 1351.

26, Mar. 2017

I have done this many times and when connected with the rep, I have asked politely to be added to their do not call list.

25, Mar. 2017

Called repeatedly in a row, with left only a blank message... I have no clue who they are, I don't know anyone from Ridgway, Colorado either...

25, Mar. 2017

why are these people still calling my cell

25, Mar. 2017

4th or 5th time I have reported this scam.

24, Mar. 2017

Human calling to sell Boston Globe newspaper with lots of noise in background.

22, Mar. 2017

Constantly receive auto calls

22, Mar. 2017

Very heavy accents, reverse lookup shows from Dominican Republic or close.

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