Area Code 956

Additional information:

Area code: 956
State: Texas
Country: USA
18, Jan. 2018

Same thing, rings once and hangs up.

18, Jan. 2018

Ignores do not call registry!

17, Jan. 2018

I told him I looked it up on the internet and that this was a scam.

17, Jan. 2018

I get 2-3 calls daily from them.

17, Jan. 2018

many calls from this number.

17, Jan. 2018

Some of these started again after I registered for the do not call list.

17, Jan. 2018

spoke with Nicole after hearing recorded message.

16, Jan. 2018

Called twice within 10 minutes.

Dave speaks
12, Jan. 2018

I get calls from this number day and night, I'm on national do not call list, they don't care. I downloaded defender and it blocks them every time now.

12, Jan. 2018

When I persisted in questioning them and their practices and asked if they weren't required to adhere to the do not call list, the person hung up on me.

9, Jan. 2018

Job search callbot

8, Jan. 2018

I know for a fact Hailee Marino is a deranged psycho stalker. Hello my name is Sarah Piktelis and my family and i were stalked and harassed by Hailee Marino. The police blamed a different person. A person i i know who didn't do anything wrong and who i know for a fact is innocent. Hailee Marino didn't get caught but she is a deranged psycho who has harassed and stalked not only my family but other people and their families and keeps getting away with it.

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