Area Code 954

Additional information:

Area code: 954
State: Florida
Country: USA
22, Jun. 2018

BEWARE! this guy is a thief and fraud in his business practices.

22, Jun. 2018

keeps calling, dont pick up!

21, Jun. 2018

This was the second of three phone calls today, all from different numbers, one for in home job opportunities, one for grants and one for online classes

21, Jun. 2018

Claims to be from Comcast Communications. This is a spam caller.

21, Jun. 2018

Unsolicited recorded message that I had won a free vacation package, and a I had to do was pay the taxes.

20, Jun. 2018

This number has been calling my cell for for the last three days at least four times a day and up to six times yesterday. I have asked to be taken off there call list and have threaten legal action. It does not seem to bother them. Truly annoying.

20, Jun. 2018

We keep getting call from numbers in washington with no answer.

20, Jun. 2018

I did not answer. Left no message. Googled the number as I did not recognize it, looks like a scammer from FLorida.

20, Jun. 2018

The caller was unidentified other than by location - Charlotte, NC.

20, Jun. 2018

Stated his name was Richard

20, Jun. 2018

We had a massive hail storm. Golf ball and baseball sized. 15 minutes after the storm this guy called telling me they were coming to inspect my roof and Was tonight or tomorrow better? he knew my name and address! I said, “ excuse me but I didn’t call you and we have our own roofer we will call..“ he was extremely pushy and rude. smelled like a scam to me! I worry about some of my neighbors that might fall for it.

19, Jun. 2018

Tape recorded message offering to sell discount senior grocery cards ,etc.

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