Area Code 954

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Area code: 954
State: Florida
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2017

The FTC should stop the avalanche of calls made by telemarketing crooks.

23, Mar. 2017

just a recording to try to lower my cread card intrest which i pay off in full any way

23, Mar. 2017

Do you know who they are? what kind of scam is this all about? they didn't leave message, so I wondered...

Ben Upyers
22, Mar. 2017

Haven't used credit in 10'years 9 months. Applied for capital one, approved. Said it's sending the card. It sent debt collectors instead. Maybe they share info, but it's happened twice from the same scenario, Free Credit Report Dot com must have sent this hellish collector. They just gpfound family members and started calling them saying I had committed BANK FRAUD. Block the number. WHEN COLLECTORS (fake) call your friends and family, they should tell them JUST TELL ME THE NAME OF YOUR FIRM AND THE ADDRESS TO SEND THE CHECK TO AND ILL MAIL THE FULL AMOUNT. that's when they try for a credit card. Some people got mad at ME. I told them to do this and they didn't so they continued to get calls. I can't stop their calls. I called an attorney group that sues them, and this little POS here is so much bullshit that they cNt even sue them because they are so NON LEGIT. They move from state to state. They haven't bought any debt. They just wnat somebody's credit card. Remember, tell them you will send a check and they won't call back

22, Mar. 2017

These people call more than once a day !

22, Mar. 2017

We are inundated with unsolicited calls.

21, Mar. 2017

no message, reject #

20, Mar. 2017

I dont return the calls nor do I ask what their business is since they call looking for me.

20, Mar. 2017

Would not tell me what his company does.

18, Mar. 2017

this toll free number calls repeatedly - sometimes several times a day.

Rosemary Aguilar
17, Mar. 2017

She called me multiple times since last week. I have asked her to remove my number from their calling list with no result. She continues calling me until today. I just ignore her calls now. I have reported this number to FTC. I hope she and her crew will be arrested ASAP!

17, Mar. 2017

then a man got on phone and I asked for his name, Julian Rios, his company, Convergence Outsourcing, and their phone number, 1-800-477-5451.

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