Phone: 954-926-5876

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Hollywood, Florida
Its exchange 926 is managed by BELLSOUTH TELECOMM INC - FL
The number is currently on switch number HLWDFLMADS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 30% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 39 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Stonebridge Life, Stonebridge Life Insurance"
George L. Findlay
28, Oct. 2011

looked this number up and it looks like this belonged to Stonebridge Life Insurance. i read a post that most likely you have a JCPenny card and JCPenny sold my info to this guys. But i don't have anything to do with JCPenny. everybody, beware!

Drew J. Frisk
28, Oct. 2011

they're a bunch of scammers! called my house non-stop and they don't even leave a message. i reported them to the police and all they said was, "we'll investigate on this. we'll keep you posted." no updates so far. if anybody know anything, please share it. for all you know, you guys could be on their victims' list too.

16, Feb. 2012

I don't know ,what's this company name or business profile. They keep calling me and don't even talk , its makes me mad about this number. Don't know what to do but if it is from somewhere JCP i will ask them to stop calling me and share my any info to any other company.

20, Mar. 2012

Have no idea who is calling.... usually when they leave a message, the accent is so strong, one is unable to understand them or the quality of the voice mail has a lot of static.

21, Mar. 2012

It is Stonebridge life insurance and is a scam and owned by JC Penney. If you bite on the program it is charged to you JC Penney credit card each month. I know years ago I did that... I have been bothered by them for years but when I got a throw away phone and they got the number that makes me upset. It is harassment. I checked it out on the web to see who it was it comes in with no name it use to though That is why I for sure who they are.. I know they leave no message. Stonebridge Life Ins. is accident insurance only. So it is a prank, a scam or a telemarketer I would say all three.

messed up
13, Apr. 2012

Calls constantly and I am mad at Jcpenny if they gave my info to these nitwits to keep calling. SHUT THEM DOWN ALREADY...

31, May. 2012

I was getting call from this number from last month. Finally I answered and the lady on otherside just confirmed my name and then when I asked the purpose for the call she simply told that she will call me back and hung up.

30, Jul. 2012

I'm getting calls from this company. I've never had a JCPenny card at all. I called their office and got off their list. Hope it works.

14, Aug. 2012

They constantly call our home and do not leave a message (they make tapping noises on the phone) so the answering machine records that, it is torturing.

16, Aug. 2012

Call back this number and press 2 to opt out of their do not call list

20, Aug. 2012

It is a Scammer

30, Sep. 2012

I received a call stating they were enrolling me in the life insurance policy. I said no I'm not interested and they told me I could cancel. I said there is nothing to cancel because I am not interested, do not enroll me. And he said he did it anyway! He asked me to confirm my birthdate and I wouldn't do it because I didn't want the insurance. Wtf?!

10, Oct. 2012

These peope continue to call even though I never answer. When the call goes to voicemail, they tap on the receiver (to make noise) and then hang up. This has happened several times. I am trying to determine if JCP is responsible for giving out my information. If they have, I will close my account.

17, Oct. 2012

I opened a JC Penny account within the last couple of months, and this number has now been calling my call phone everyday for the past week or two. CALL THE NUMBER BACK AND PRESS 2. YOU WILL THEN BE PROMPTED TO PRESS 2 IF YOU WANT TO BE PLACED ON THEIR DO NOT CALL LIST. You will then be prompted to enter your phone number. Hopefully, this will stop the calls.

23, Oct. 2012

Look, if they have your number they'll find some way to make money off of it. Request for a written Do Not Call letter to be sent to you, mark the date, and give it 30 days. If you're still getting calls, make an official complaint. This coming from someone in the field who's just gotten a call today.

19, Nov. 2012

I have never answered these calls & yet they keep calling...why doesn't the FBI get involved? I am on the west coast, over many states away from the origination (Florida) of the call & I thought anything like this over state lines was something they looked into....this is surely some form of harassment. These people need to be locked up...and soon!

4, Dec. 2012

Call them back and "opt out". Hopefully they will stop calling. Shame on JCP if they are the ones that did this to us!

4, Dec. 2012

I called the number to be removed from the no call list and it goes to a busy dial tone. I have a JcP card. I am disappointed that they are distributing my number to random call centers. I thought cell phones were on the no call list. Funny how things change.

4, Dec. 2012

I found this on the JcP website....clearly stating they share information to outside companies. "If you prefer that we: •NOT share information about you with any of the companies outside the jcp family that we have authorized to contact you regarding their products or services, or •NOT share your jcpenney credit account history information with affiliated companies within the jcp family Please let us know by: •writing to us at J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc., P.O. Box 10001, Dallas, TX 75301-7311, Attention: Corporate Customer Relations, •calling us at 1.800.322.1189 •email us at"

5, Feb. 2013

its irritating and scary, they try to take personal information at the very first time without expaining who they are and how they got the number. Caller company should be banned

26, Feb. 2013

I never have shopped at jcpenny so then why did these a*s clowns call me to day as i was sleeping!

26, Feb. 2013

My number is getting called 4 to 5 times per week since the beginning of February, 2013. I know that this is a result of AAA life insurance selling my fr*&^%! phone number, name and address after I cancelled a life insurance policy with them. Go ahead, anyone give me a clue: as to how I can kick the hell out of these companies for selling my information. I don't want their calls nor their mail!!!!!

12, Mar. 2013

I receieved a call from 954-926-5876 time after time

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