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20, Apr. 2017

However, I still keep getting calls from this company.

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15, Sep. 2015

The automated message gives u a option (4) if you are not who they are looking for.

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17, Sep. 2014

I have asked AT&T to stop calling me 5 times yet anothe call this morning. How do I make them stop calling ? Thank you for your time

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25, Jul. 2014

This was a call I did not ask for. It was a recorded call, with only the option to press one to find out further details. There was no chance to talk to a live person, and the automated system did not have an option for having our number removed from the system. We have received the same call several times over the last few months.

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10, Jun. 2013

They call me every day. I have no creditors. I wish they'd leave a message so I could call them back or at least talk to me when I answer.

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28, May. 2013

They call numerous times every day. This is my cell number and I have told them not to call. They continue to do so even though I have not asked for these calls and have told them to stop calling.

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12, Nov. 2012

They call my number sometimes. I have follow the direct to take my number off the list. Please help this has got to stop.

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14, Oct. 2012

No person to ask to stop calling.