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  • Regional statistics: Moreno Valley, California has a population of 168629 that is in a county of 506218 units. The city is in a county that is 7208 square miles. 951-208 is available through the regional telephone switch # SHOKCA02HMD in the Moreno Valley area.
  • Other cities located around Moreno Valley: Corona (951-207) Riverside (951-206) Perris (951-210) Woodcrest (951-215)
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23, Jan. 2018

Called claiming there's a complaint about you, in an attempt to threaten you into giving them money. The call has been blocked, but still pops up on my caller ID every single day.

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30, Dec. 2017

My number is unlisted and not published and is on the DO NOT CALL LIST.

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11, Aug. 2016

They said it was for a prepaid "medic alert" type device.

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19, Jul. 2016

The Do Not Call service does not seem to be working.

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2, Mar. 2016

Today when they called, I answered and told them to take my name off their calling list.

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29, Sep. 2015

Tired of these kind of called.

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18, Apr. 2014

Got two calls in 20 min. Caller ID above the phone # for the first was V41811209100029. the number for the 2nd call was V41811402300029. Just got a 3rd call, but it said unknown name in the caller ID .......nobody answers

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14, Jun. 2013

This number has called me twice today and I would like to block them. People from this number kept calling me many times in the past and I need them to stop immediately.

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21, May. 2013

When answering this call a machine asked whether I wanted to leave a voicemail. When listening for the name of the caller, there was no response.

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1, Mar. 2012