Area Code 949

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Area code: 949
State: California
Country: USA
25, Jul. 2016

This number calls me 2-3 times daily for the past week.

25, Jul. 2016

Once I knew it was a recorded call I hung up.

25, Jul. 2016

Scam.. .. They are telling people they are with IRS...

24, Jul. 2016

I have NEVER done business with either State Farm or this insurance agency.

24, Jul. 2016

I already have it with another company.

23, Jul. 2016

It seems like they have some information they stole and now they are using it to collect money.

23, Jul. 2016

Message starts in the middle of a sentence but says "if you do not comply COPS will take you into custoday at any moment"... Flag that was raised?? No legitimate law enforcement agency says "cops will take you into custody". Now, I disagree with the person who wrote that no court will call a defendant, because my town auto dials to remind about traffic tickets. But, NO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY REFERS TO ITSELF>>OR OTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AS COPS...cops is slang, and can be considered derogatory for police-even though, cops call themselves cops. It;s just not done in the profession. Just saying it was ANOTHER dead give-away...but I do wish some of my "copish" kind of friends would find these morons...and prevent them from dialing for a while/

22, Jul. 2016

they are from VOIP.

21, Jul. 2016

Cannot get them to stop calling.They do not leave any company name.

20, Jul. 2016

Insurance Srvc has called at least 10 times in the past 20 days.

20, Jul. 2016

This one is from Florida.

19, Jul. 2016

I'm sick of this recording. Now it's from a different phone number. No caller ID.

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