Area Code 949

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Area code: 949
State: California
Country: USA
23, Aug. 2016

I hung up as soon as I heard the recorded message that my PC was "giving off alarm warnings." Sounds like someone who doesn't know anything about computers made it up.

22, Aug. 2016

"Congratulations! You and your family have won a free cruise to the Bahamas!!" . I hung up

22, Aug. 2016

I answered this call, it was a recorded message saying the I qualified for a medical alert system and to press 1 to continue.

22, Aug. 2016

their response to this is to personally insult me.

19, Aug. 2016

It was a recording asking if I wanted to lower my interest rate, press 1, if not, press 2.

18, Aug. 2016

Do not know nature of call.

18, Aug. 2016

since I started writing down anoying calls a week ago this # cld 12 times!

18, Aug. 2016

They lie about removing your name from their data base.

18, Aug. 2016

calls - no messages - telemarketer?

17, Aug. 2016

Received 2 calls today, strange number on Caller ID, 1st call I asked to be taken off their list, 2nd call I asked for his name & number and they hung up

17, Aug. 2016

at times several times a day

17, Aug. 2016

If I knew who it was I would take care of it myself and if you call back it says mailbox full.

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