Area Code 949

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Area code: 949
State: California
Country: USA
27, Jun. 2016

Caller ID was 775-980-6901 but message says to call 408-498-1341 and it is the same voice from the recording that answers at the 408 number.

27, Jun. 2016

I do not know this phone number, and it is a long distance phone number.

27, Jun. 2016

After listening to the message and pressing 1 to talk to an agent I ask them not to call and they hang up on me.

Sick Of Telemarketers!
27, Jun. 2016

I'm going to post this in every forum there is on these type of calls. I'm the HR Director at our nonprofit. About two weeks ago I got a phone call from these losers that identified themselves as United AMG Health Care Reform Program, and said they had a benefits package specifically and only for employers with less than 100 employees. I told him we had 240 employees. He said, in a very surprised voice, "You don't have just 24?" I said no, and he kept talking. I interrupted him, and I said, "I thought you said your program was only for employers with less than 100 employees. That doesn't apply to us." He said, "Oh, um, well, we also have programs for larger employers." I hung up on him. Fast forward to today. I got a phone call from a different person from the same company, different telemarketer, a woman this time. She says, amazingly enough, that she is called from United AMG and they have a health care program only available to employers with less than 300 people!! I said, "Oh, that's interesting. When someone called me a couple weeks ago, when you guys thought we only had 24 employees, it was a plan for only companies with less than 100. Now that you know we are 240, all of a sudden it's less than 300 employees! Take us off your list and don't ever call us again!" I'm not sure if I'm more outraged at their unscrupulousness or at the fact that they think I'm stupid enough to not figure that out!!! Ridiculous!!

27, Jun. 2016

The caller then began a sales pitch.

27, Jun. 2016

Message talked about free money available to homeowners.

24, Jun. 2016

It seems the number they called from is called Lucky Talk.

23, Jun. 2016

When I called back it said disconnected number.

22, Jun. 2016

We are not a customer and have never been a customer.

22, Jun. 2016

The period expired and we did not subscribe to their service.

21, Jun. 2016

PLEASE make ALL of them stop.

20, Jun. 2016

We have been receiving three to four calls per day for the last two weeks.

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